Journaling – Week 3

Day 15: A good idea

This week I’ve been on a social media break. I didn’t made any grand announcements or anything, I just simply deleted the apps from my phone so they wouldn’t tempt me. I did sign in and scroll a little, but ultimately I didn’t miss anything. This was a good idea because it’s eye opening to know how many times you think, “I should put that on Facebook,” or “oh, that’s a good one, I should share…” I never thought I was an over-sharer, but I think I am. People don’t really need to know everything that happens. This wasn’t really my reasoning for taking a break – that is personal and has nothing to do with the election or negativity or any of that; but it was an interesting discovery about myself and my habits. 

Day 16: What are your personal gifts?

Am I a gift? Do I have gifts? I mean, I can do a lot of things. I’m a positive person, and choose to think the best of people even at the worst of times. I read, blog, knit, crochet, am raising 3 awesome kids a long side my husband and I power-lift. I’m sure there’s a lot more to me than that, but honestly I am not gifted in any of these areas. I’m just me in those areas.

Day 17: A quote that inspires you

Deuteronomy 11:26 Today I am given you the choice between a blessing and a curse.

– This inspires me because God has given us a choice every single day. Every single day I have to make a decision how I want to live my life. Maybe I’m alone, but I find freedom in this. It makes me want to make the best of every day. 

Day 18: A mistake that helped you grow

So about 10 years ago my husband and I filed for bankruptcy. Yeah. Not good times. But I learned a lot about debt and money, and responsibility in those late 20’s moments that I am hardpressed to forget now. If anything, I know I NEVER want to be so far in over my head again, and I know what I need to do to keep afloat…even when life throws those wrenches at you.

Day 19: When you feel the most rested

The days I don’t have to use the alarm clock. I swear to you, I wake up basically at the same time anyway, maybe a half hour or 45 minutes later – but I think I get a better nights sleep just knowing I don’t have something to get up and do, even if the number of hours is the same. Oh, and after a stay-cation. I tend to be a lazy bum when I do those! J

Day 20: Word you want to share with others

You. Are. Good. Enough. I mean, maybe you’ll need practice or lessons or help. But seriously, in this game of life…you are good enough. I am good enough. 


Journal Prompts – Week 2



Day 7: Your Top three Priorities

1. My Relationship with Jesus Christ
2. Justin – my husband, lover, best friend, favorite person on the entire planet.
2. (no, that’s not a mistake) My three beautiful children!
3. Living my life to the fullest – or what I consider the fullest.

Day 8: A list of places you have visited

Oiy, this is going to be hard…..I’m just going to list them.
Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma, Illinois, Canada, Mexico, Cayman Islands….that’s probably not it.

Day 9: Do your actions match your words?

I try my hardest to make sure they do.  I always want my yeses to be yes, and my nos to be no; however I’m human an I fail at times.  Unfortunately, probably the most with my kids.  I hate that reality.

Day 10: One thing you learned about yourself last year?

I’ve sort of known this, but I think this last year proved it more than usual. I never jump to the worst conclusion about people.  I always think people are mostly good, even when their words and actions say otherwise.  More than once in the past year my husband (who tends to lean the opposite) has pointed out something, and I’m always ready with an excuse…maybe they are having a bad day, maybe they didn’t realize what they were saying or how it could be taken…but usually; most of the time….he was right and I wasn’t.  However, I don’t really care to change this.  I don’t want to think bad of people.

Day 11: A challenge you have overcome

Well, I’m picking on that I’ve come a long way on.  I’m a bit of a worrier, but I used to worry to the extent of it becoming paralyzing.  I’ve really come a long, long way in this area.  My worry was at it’s worse when I was young, and I’m so glad that at some point I decided I couldn’t live my life wondering on the what if’s, and had to live my life.  Otherwise, I think I would be in a completely different place in life today.

Day 12:  A need you can meet

I can be a friend when needed, a listening year.  I can help financially when I don’t think I’m enabling something else (I have very strong issues about enabling…but I’ve come from a family of addicts).  I be and do all sorts of things, should people ask.

Day 13:  A place you have been recently

Well, last night Justin and I went to a new restaurant.  It was actually a brewery, but they had vegan options for food – so we thought we’d try it out.  It was different; as in, we walked in and had no idea how to behave.  You just sat at open seats, went to the bar to order food.  They had long tables all down the middle and some bars to sit at, and about 3 or 4 round individual tables.  We ended up at a long table with a couple who were on their first date ( and we talked to them.  It was an interesting/different experience.  The food was…okay…but the experience was fun.

Day 14: Someone who made you proud

This week it was my youngest daughter, Abigail.  Abigail got a piece of wood…it was HUGH, stuck in her foot.  We went to the Children’s ER, and were there half the night.  She had to get needles stuck in her foot…not once, but TWICE, and didn’t throw a fit, or even cry.  She was so brave and real.  Her realness and ability to converse will with adults really shined through that night.