Top Ten Tuesday: Movies

Trying to jump in on this weekly post and see how it goes. This week’s is an easy one – it was for Movies. It could be any kind of movie category we want, so I’m going to make it nice and easy and go with simply my favorites:


1. The movie that I have to stop and watch whenever it’s on – no exceptions: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I don’t know what it is about this movie, except that maybe I started watching it about the time I didn’t like school much anymore and dreamed of my own ‘day off’ so to speak. Ferris was my hero too! I loved the entire movie and all of it’s cheesiness, and even today if it’s on, I’ll stop and watch it.


2. Book to Movie Favorite: Harry Potter

True, they missed a lot of details that the books had, but these movies are magical! Literally! My family starts…well, about this time a year…every year to rewatch these movies. One movie per week until they are done. This year we’ll end it with a trip to the ‘cheap seats’ to see the new Magical Creatures movie as well.


3. Favorite movie based on a book I’ve never read: The Count of Monte Cristo

GASP! It’s true, I haven’t read this book. But I absolutely love the movie!


4. Movie where the book was NOT better: How to Train Your Dragon

Also known as my favorite animated movie. Still. This is such a cute movie, and imagine my disappointment when I picked the book up to read to my kids and it….well, it didn’t suck exactly, it just wasn’t right. Maybe it was even a little boring.


5. Classic Book to Movie: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Another movie I watch a lot. It’s been a while since I put this one on, but I love it. Especially just the art of the movie- the story that is being told visually with no conversation happening. Maybe it’s time for a re-watch.


6. Favorite Romance: 27 Dresses

Meh, this doesn’t need much commentary, does it? I’m a girl. I’m “into” sweet romance books, and I’m “into” sweet romance movies. Sue me. I will say, though, this kind of movie doesn’t seem to be nearly as popular now. I haven’t seen a new good one in a long time.


7. Favorite Super Hero Film: Doctor Strange

I just saw this over the weekend, and I HAD to add it. I really loved this movie! I mean, I love The Avengers too, but everything about this movie was so much more Me than any of the others. Although, I think Wonder Woman is going to give it a run for its money!


8. Favorite Fantasy: Labyrinth

Dance Magic, dance magic. I created a category for this one, just so I can add it. I wanted to dance with the Goblin King at a masquerade. Even with those strange tights.


9. Movie I couldn’t get enough of as a kid: The Goonies

Adventure, Pirates, treasure…what’s not to love?!


10. Movie(s) I didn’t really expect to enjoy: Star Trek (the new movies)

Yup, not a Trekkie. Hated the shows and movies as kids, but I relented when everyone wanted to see the new movies and I love them. I don’t think I’m alone either, I think there are many people out there just like me.