Book Blitz: The Touch (The Cotiere Chronicals Book 2) – Michelle Bolanger

Alexander Koch lives a life most men would kill for. As the sole heir to his family’s enormous wealth, he enjoys the finer things in life despite the crippling pain that increases with every passing day. Until he meets the one he’s intended for. The one whose slightest touch makes the pain vanish. But after a chance meeting at the first Gathering of their kind, the girl runs from him in terror. Now he’s willing to spend every last cent to find her.

Jessalyn Vogt escaped her father’s controlling ways and has settled into a simple life, caring for her horses and brewing coffee for her customers. Until Alexander Koch tracks her down. She wants nothing to do with his arrogance, his money, or the undeniable attraction drawing her to him. But she knows she is the only one who can relieve him of the horrible pain racking his body.

The Cotiere has been reunited, but that was the easy part. Greed and old traditions threaten to tear it apart again. Trust has been compromised and hidden agendas are destroying the fragile truce between parents and children. It’s in the hands of the new counsel to keep it together, even if it means some must be willing to lose everything.


       Fighting to keep the echo of confusion out of her voice, she replied as coldly as she could. “I’ll have your pour over right up, Alex, but I have work to do.”

     Alexander stiffened, and she flinched harder this time, sure he would raise his voice. His expression grew puzzled. “If you don’t mind please, it’s Alexander, and I can wait until you have the time.” His tone never changed, but there was doubt in his face. He slid a fifty-dollar bill across the counter, his stance softening when she didn’t immediately take the offered money. “Keep the change, Jessi.”

     Frustrated by her body’s response to him, and angry at his ridiculous tip, she gritted her teeth. She swiped the bill off the counter, slapped it into the register, and slid his full change back. Hurt flickered on his face before she turned away and let her echo punctuate her frustration. “I can’t be bought.” Instead of the anger she expected, she was hit with his confusion. Her own doubt was followed by regret, but she reminded herself who he was. He’s just not used to anyone telling him no. He’ll get over it.

     Her eyes involuntarily rose to the mirror as she reached for a mug and pour over vessel. Peter was leaning against the far wall with his left foot planted beside the opposite knee. His arms were crossed while he watched them. Peter lifted his chin toward her as a satisfied quirk curled his lip. Unfolding his arms and kicking away from the wall, he took a seat across from Alexander at a table near the counter. Sitting together, they looked like two lions prepared to wait for their next meal. A cold shiver raked Jessi’s back at the thought.

My Review:
The Touch is Michelle’s 2nd book, and her writing has just gotten better! I knew from the moment I started hearing about Alexander and Jessi that I was going to love them, and I was 110% correct! This book brought so many goofy grins to my face, and then there were moments where I just had to put the book down and walk away because of the emotional roller coaster.

What I Loved: I’ve already mentioned that I knew I would love Alexandar and Jessi, but really I loved their individual personalities and how different they were. I really enjoyed their banter and emotional dance. The tension between the two was spot on, and leaves you either wanting to throw a bucket of ice on them or screaming “get on with it already.” Both of Alexander and Jessi have uneasy backgrounds, but at this point in their lives they are primed to be ready to move forward and move past their past…but how? Especially when the past wants to come back and bite them.

The back stories in The Touch really made this book interesting. We met Alexander in The Kiss, but to know more about where he comes from, and some of what he’s gone through within The Cotiere really helps to build the backbone of this book. Then you’ve got Jessi’s story, and together it’s all a bit of a mess.

Not So Much:
There never seems to be enough book. There’s not really anything I can say here, honestly. I knew I was going to love Alexander and Jess!

The Verdict:

 I wish I could get more people to take a chance on Michelle’s books – they are awesome stories! I would consider these to be clean New Adult books, with a slight paranormal/fantasy aspect – and I highly recommend them.

Author Bio:

Michelle Bolanger has been an avid reader all her life. In 2014 and with the encouragement of her family and friends, she decided to take the leap and publish her own books. The Kiss is her first full length novel and the beginning of what is to be a four book series titled The Cotiere Chronicles. Michelle is also a talented vocalist and amateur photographer. She enjoys going on cruises, cheering for her favorite professional hockey team, and falling asleep to the sound of auto racing on TV. Michelle lives in Ohio with her husband and two dogs.


Release Day Blitz: Bound by Prophecy – Stormy Smith


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Amelia Bradbury is finally free from Queen Julia and Cresthaven, but she isn’t safe yet. The Keeper power runs rampant inside her and it will take an ultimate act of selflessness to contain the darkness that threatens Amelia’s sanity and the future of the Immortal race. Aidan Montgomery refuses to give up on Amelia. Once she’s rescued from the Keeper’s hold, he intends to prove his love is more than a side effect of the prophecy, even if doing so leads him away from his pack and on a journey that will irrevocably change them both. When the past and the present collide and the shocking origin of the Immortals is revealed, Amelia and Aidan are forced back to Cresthaven to end a war that never should have started.

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Amelia grew up in a world of half-truths. She knows she’s an Elder, but has no idea what that means. Her father reminds her daily that she must maintain control, but he refuses to explain why. Even worse, she’s betrothed to the prince of the Immortals and doesn’t even know his name. Finally breaking free to live a few normal years at a community college, the last thing Amelia expects is to find her best friend in a cheeky southern girl, or fall for a self-assured human who sees her for who she is, not what she will become. As she learns more about herself, Amelia realizes the line between love and duty is a thin one. As her power continues to increase exponentially and her questions are slowly answered, Amelia must make the ultimate choice. The question is, will her head win the battle, or her heart?

Join Stormy Smith and Alys Arden for a LIVE Google Hangout to celebrate their latest releases! Here’s the Facebook event link. They will have ten guest authors, tons of book chat and lots of giveaways!

About Stormy Smith
A word nerd from the very beginning, Stormy Smith has always had her nose in a book or a pen in her hand. From a journalism degree to a public relations career, manipulating words has always been her forte. She never expected her love of stories to translate into writing them, but one day the words were there and couldn’t be stopped.
Stormy lives in Iowa’s capital with her husband and two crazy cats. When she isn’t working on, or thinking about, her books, Stormy’s favorite places include bar patios, live music shows, her yoga mat or anywhere she can relax with her husband or girlfriends.

Book Review: Enchanted Revenge – Theresa M. Jones

Enchanted Revenge
Empyrean Chronicles # 1
By- Theresa M. Jones
Genre- YA Fantasy

When seventeen year old Lily finds her parents brutally murdered, leaving her broken and alone, she is determined to bring justice to the fairies responsible. Her quest leads her to infiltrate The Empyrean, the land of the Fae where terrifying creatures lurk in every shadow. But with a political rebellion mounting, bloodshed y battles and foreign enemies stand in her way. Alec, a mysterious and secretive fairy, gradually becomes her guide and dear friend in the unfamiliar world, and restores her faith in love.

Disturbing secrets about her parent’s true identity are revealed, causing her to be more involved with the devastating fairy war than she can afford. Her vengeful mission becomes compromised and her growing romance with Alec wavers. She must conquer her fear of the unknown, ignore her grief, and overcome her growing list of enemies if she is to succeed in avenging her parents’ death. Or ever make it out alive.

Enchanted Revenge will appeal to fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout and Julie Kagawa.


Enticing Violence
Empyrean Chronicles # 2
By- Theresa M. Jones
Genre- YA Fantasy
Publication Date- November 2nd

Lily and Alec are only pawns in a war much larger than they’d imagined.

Lily still wants to complete her mission: Avenge her parents. But when Lynn- the leader of the Rebels in Muircadia- is captured, and Rita- daughter to the evil Lord Nettles- is sentenced to death, it’s up to Lily, Alec, and the very select few Fae they trust, to try to save them all before it’s too late.

When all you do is fight for your life, how do you find time to live?
How do you love when hope is always slipping away?

Enticing Violence is the second book in The Empyrean Chronicles.

My Review of Enchanged Revenge:

I divide my reading habit into two parts, the first part was from about 5th – 8th grade where I would read all the time, especially in the summer when we had no school and I had access to the library and SO.MANY.BOOKS!  I would get so lost that it would take my mom several tries to even get my attention if she needed me.  I would read a book a day, maybe two depending on the topic/size of the book.  Then I got to High School and I got busy with so many other things and stopped reading for pleasure completely.

I picked books up again when I started having kids, and especially when I started (briefly) working from home.  While infants and toddlers require a lot of time, there also happens to be a lot of downtime sometimes too, so I found myself being absorbed into the new worlds and people, and I remembered exactly what I loved when I was a kid.  Like so many people, I got sucked in the Twilight craze, and once that was done, I moved on to other Vampires, then Wolves, then I delved into the land of the Fae.  I love Fairy stories because they can be so different.  Not that Vampires and Werewolves can’t/aren’t, but I think I see more diversity in Fae stories than the others.  I love figuring out what the author is going to do differently.  I sort of slipped out of the phase a bit, but when I saw the review request for Enchanged Revenge, I decided to jump back in.

What I Loved:  There were some great points of action in Enchanged Revenge. The beginning of this book started off very strong, and the ending was also very strong.  I enjoyed getting to know Lily and Alec, and some of the various other characters of the books.  I look forward to seeing how some of the side characters might come into play later on in the series.  Author Theresa M Jones did create her own world and version of the Fae, and I enjoyed getting to know her world and it’s intracies. 

Not So Much: There were parts of the book that felt like it was dragging a bit.  We spent a lot of time traveling with Lily and Alec, espcially more toward the beginning that the book.  The opening of the book was so strong and dramatic, that having it drop off at the level that it did made it a little bit hard to hold my attention.  Thankfully, once the book started to pick up steam again it was maintained.

The Verdict:    
A very enjoyable read from Theresa M Jones.  It is a great opening to a series.  It does have plenty of action and a enjoyable Lily/Alec moments to keep you hoping for more.  This book is relatively clean, there was some cussing sprinkled throughout the book, but it wasn’t heavy.  At points there was some graphic violence -but nothing you can’t see on TV.  I would recommend the book for older teenagers.

About the Author-
Theresa M Jones is just a regular small town, Texas girl, who loves reading, writing and playing with tech gadgets. When she isn’t at work fixing computers and the like, you can find her at home with her husband and two beautiful (and rambunctious) kiddos.

In her spare time- as if there ever was such a thing as “spare time” – she reads and reviews books on her book blog, and writes paranormal romance and fantasy romance novels.


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2016 TBR List Reading Challenge

So I’ve been talking up my 2016 TBR List Reading Challenge on Social Media lately, and I thought I’d go ahead and type out my resolution now.  Mostly because if I type it up – I have accountability.  But also because I have 2 months to finish the list before it starts…and trust me, I have been adding to the list.

So what is the 2016 TBR Reading Challenge?  Well, like most readers/reading bloggers out there, I have a TBR List.  And it’s a mile long.  I also have a buying problem – when a book goes on a great sale, or it’s free and I remotely like the premise, I one-click.  I’ve also had a variety of B&N Gift Cards and have purchased Nook Books as well – so that adds to the fun as well.  The number of books on my tablet has become so overwhelming that when I decide to pick a new book to read, I look through the list, can’t decide, then go and get something new instead.  Which is unfair to all of those authors who’s book I’ve already purchased.  I’m sure I have some absolutely wonderful books on my list.  I’m sure I have dud’s as well.  I’d really like to discover those awesome books though.
So here’s the challenge.  In 2016 I will not be buying ANY new books (except for series that I’m really invested in: IE The Raven Cycle..) and anything written by Michelle Bolanger, because best friend trumps all.   I have created a list of all of the books on both my Nook and Kindle Apps that I’ve yet to read (so far 416 books).  I am going to use a randomizer to pick a number and that is the book I will be reading next.  Sounds great, right?  Well, I have a few rules I’ve set for myself..mostly for my sanity:
1.  No buying new books – also means no review requests.  Sorry guys, but I’ll be starting a new spreadsheet of books I want to buy in 2017.
2.  Each book gets 3 chapters to rope me in.  If it doesn’t make it, I don’t have to read it.  It’s gone.  Bye-bye.
3.  Because of the three chapter rule, I am not going to be posting “now reading” on Goodreads, and I am under no obligation to review the books.  I WILL be reviewing books, don’t you worry.  I just don’t want to be strapped into trying to review a book I didn’t finish.  OR if I happen to have a book that isn’t a clean read (books can be decieving, I’m sure there are a few that are going to surprise me). 
4.  If  a book that is in a series comes up I default to the next book in the series that I have yet to read.  IE, if I get book 3 on the randomizer but haven’t read book 2, Book 2 is up next instead.
5. Have Fun, and enjoy the challenge!
I am under no delusions that I’ll get through all 416+ books on my list.  That’s just silliness.  But I do think I can make a serious dent in the TBR Pile, and hopefully in 2017 the list won’t seem so overwhelming!  I’m looking forward to discovering new authors, new worlds, and new friends!  
(That all being said…I have about $11 on a Nook gift card.  Anyone have any books on Nook they would recommend to add to my list??)

Book Blitz: The Case of the Washed-Up Warlock – Patrice Lyie

When thirteen-year-old Tulip Bonnaire’s super-cute crush, Dexter, is threatened with expulsion from Poison Ivy Charm School, she can’t help but take the case. Someone has put a spell on Garrett’s Levitation skills and all the evidence, which includes the testimony of a sea hag stone, is pointing to Dex. Tulip can’t imagine Poison Ivy without Dex, so she’s intent on proving his innocence. But that means delving into an old secret to find out who turned Garrett into a washed-up warlock.

“Any news yet?” He sat down on his bed and wedged himself against a mountain of pillows.
I was about to answer when a glint of gray caught my eye. A stone the size of a cookie, with an uneven hole in the middle of it, sat on his bedside table. “Is that your enchanted sea hag stone?” The one that had started all the trouble?
“Yeah. Glad she finally woke up and told me ’bout Dexter busting into my closet.”
I ignored him and approached the troublemaking pebble. Its smooth exterior was cool against my skin when I rolled it between my fingers. Not a sign of life existed until I dropped it – kindaaccidentally – onto his table. Thud.
Dark, creepy eyes appeared, lined with spiky, green eyelashes. A tiny mouth with slimy black lips emerged around the hole. And a long, carrot-shaped nose covered in warts jutted out. “Hey, you. Don’t drop me like a bag of dirt.” Her voice screeched like a spider monkey on a rampage.
I laughed. “You talking about Garrett’s Lev performance?”
Garrett cleared his throat. “That’s not my fault. It’s a spell.”
“Don’t you drop me again, you idiotic hooligan.” The sea hag had a ’tude stronger than Alexandria’s.
I wanted to fling the stupid stone out the window, but that wasn’t the best way to get information. If the dumb hag had seen Dexter, maybe she’d seen something else that could help me solve the case.
“Sorry,” I said. “I didn’t mean to.” 
“Yeah, right. I know a rock dropper when I see one.”
I stifled a smirk and a smart comment about a rolling stone. “You see anything else suspicious in Garrett’s room?”
She batted her needle-like eyelashes. “Nothing but that nerd ’lock who slipped in here like some moron ghost who hasn’t mastered being dead yet. He fumbled with the door forever before crashing in like a nitwit.”
Anger shot through my veins like an ink pen explosion. First Garrett had insulted Dex. And now some stone with a hideous, old hag face? Who do they think they are? I grabbed the dumb rock with both hands and pinched the sea hag’s ugly warty nose, intent on breaking it off.
But she bit me!
Her moldy teeth chomped down on my fingers, drawing blood.
“Ouch! You stupid sea hag!” I tried to hurl her against the wall, but her grip was like a pit bull’s.
If pit bulls had carrot-shaped noses, spider monkey voices, and moldy teeth.
“Get this thing off me,” I yelled at Garrett. “Or I’ll drop your case.”
Book Links:

Author Bio:
Patrice Lyle has never met a ghost story she didn’t like. She’s been fascinated with the paranormal since childhood. She attributes this fascination to having heard old family stories of ghostly wreaths, ESP, and money hidden in the lining of antique purses. She grew up on the Oregon Coast and has a Master’s Degree in Writing Popular Fiction. Now she lives with her husband and two cats on Florida’s Space Coast, where she’s working on her next novel under an umbrella on the beach. For more information, please visit her website at

Promo Tour: Write to Rescue Anthology

Write to Rescue Anthology
Published By- SideStreet Cookie Publishing
Publication Date- November 1st, 2014

Rescue animals need love too. That’s why these nine authors got together to write stories that will warm your heart and entertain. All proceeds will go to animal shelters to help take care of and save the lives of the animals that may become your next family member. There’s a little something for everyone.

The Authors-
Taisheena Rayne – Win, Place, or Show
Shauna Wilhelm – Fostering Hope
Allana Kephart and Melissa Simmons – The Disturbance
Karli Rush – Nine Lives
Carolyn Wolfe – Miracle Paws
Emily Walker – Cats
Miranda Stork and Trish Marie Dawson – A Tale of Two Kitties
Laura DeLuca – Nine Lives 
Michael Williams – The Pride


Promo Thursday: Happy Book Birthday – Under Love’s Influence $.99 SALE

Title: Under Love’s Influence
Author: Ava Zeaux

Synopsis: When you let yourself go to love, how do you pick yourself back up after everything has shattered around you?
Life as Garner Mason knew it disintegrated in one single moment. As she rebounded into recovery mode, she inadvertently crashed into Ken Conly, who threw her into one hell of an unexpected tailspin. She needed to get it together because, even though he was sexy as hell, she wanted no part of anything inherently male.

Ken Conly’s life was admittedly full with a job he loved, great family and great friends. When Garner Mason stumbled into his path, however, he found himself yearning for a life he wasn’t aware even existed.

From the moment they met, there was an undeniable electricity, something so intense that Garner fought to ignore and Ken pushed to ignite. It was that uncontrollable chemistry that drew them deeper under love’s intoxicating influence.

HEA Ending