And now I have serious book hangover…review of Legendary

36329818So I’ve been waiting on Legendary to release since I finished Caraval last January.  I actually pre-ordered the book a couple months ago and am still waiting for it to arrive, since this isn’t actually coming out until May.  However for the first time in probably 5 years I actually won one of the GoodRead’s giveaways. So now I have an ARC of the book and will get the actual book in the mail next month.  While it’s a paperback ARC, it is still a beautiful piece of advertisement as well!

IMG_1322.jpgWhen I first started Donatella’s story I was a little disappointed.  Outside of getting a glimpse at her past, the story started off and felt very much like Caraval.  I was thinking we were going to get a bit of a repeat of the firstbook with a new character.  And to a very small extent, that is true, but it is oh, so much more.  As Tella’s story takes off, we learn more about her mother and more about her personality.  Some of the difficulties that I had with her character in Caraval made more sense as I read Legendary.

The world that Stephanie built in Caraval is still very much in existence, thankfully, because I absolutely love this world, but the setting has changed.  The game has changed.  There is a lot at stake in this book, and revelations that you don’t want to miss for sure!    Not to mention handsome guys, evil villains (real and self-perceived), and mystery.

I was on edge of my seat at the last 200 pages.  I was so afraid of a cliffhanger, and I was afraid that the story was done (there will be a book 3 if you’re wondering..hope that’s not considered a spoiler).  And I was mostly satisfied and 100% not satisfied at the end.  I’m in that book-hangover mode where I’m either going to have to grab a quick easy read so I can stop pinning over the next book, or I’m going to have to go back and start over at Caraval and go for the ride again.


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