I’m Back. Maybe.

I haven’t put a lot of serious effort into my blog in probably at least a year now. There are many reasons for that – some of them my own fault: feeling obligated to take review requests, and to give a perfect (Not 5 Star, but decently written, detailed enough) review…when sometimes my review really just was mentally “I liked it – it made me happy!” No one wants to read that kind of review!

Some of the reason I backed off was the drama of the book blogging community as a whole. And the promote promote promote mentally of authors. Can I be honest? I only read reviews – rarely do I read a book release post, though I have posted quite a few of them in the life of my blog.

I have taken this stance before – it’s the “it’s my blog I’ll post what I want to.” Stance. And it changes over the years – so I’m sure it’s not permanent, but for now I’m posting what I like. My reviews aren’t going to be perfect. I may or may not post the book synopsis- I mean, we’re all on Goodreads, or can hit up Amazon pretty easily, right? I will try to keep it related to books and reading in general, but this blog is my own – I will do as I see fit!

Until I change my mind!


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