Journaling – Week 3

Day 15: A good idea

This week I’ve been on a social media break. I didn’t made any grand announcements or anything, I just simply deleted the apps from my phone so they wouldn’t tempt me. I did sign in and scroll a little, but ultimately I didn’t miss anything. This was a good idea because it’s eye opening to know how many times you think, “I should put that on Facebook,” or “oh, that’s a good one, I should share…” I never thought I was an over-sharer, but I think I am. People don’t really need to know everything that happens. This wasn’t really my reasoning for taking a break – that is personal and has nothing to do with the election or negativity or any of that; but it was an interesting discovery about myself and my habits. 

Day 16: What are your personal gifts?

Am I a gift? Do I have gifts? I mean, I can do a lot of things. I’m a positive person, and choose to think the best of people even at the worst of times. I read, blog, knit, crochet, am raising 3 awesome kids a long side my husband and I power-lift. I’m sure there’s a lot more to me than that, but honestly I am not gifted in any of these areas. I’m just me in those areas.

Day 17: A quote that inspires you

Deuteronomy 11:26 Today I am given you the choice between a blessing and a curse.

– This inspires me because God has given us a choice every single day. Every single day I have to make a decision how I want to live my life. Maybe I’m alone, but I find freedom in this. It makes me want to make the best of every day. 

Day 18: A mistake that helped you grow

So about 10 years ago my husband and I filed for bankruptcy. Yeah. Not good times. But I learned a lot about debt and money, and responsibility in those late 20’s moments that I am hardpressed to forget now. If anything, I know I NEVER want to be so far in over my head again, and I know what I need to do to keep afloat…even when life throws those wrenches at you.

Day 19: When you feel the most rested

The days I don’t have to use the alarm clock. I swear to you, I wake up basically at the same time anyway, maybe a half hour or 45 minutes later – but I think I get a better nights sleep just knowing I don’t have something to get up and do, even if the number of hours is the same. Oh, and after a stay-cation. I tend to be a lazy bum when I do those! J

Day 20: Word you want to share with others

You. Are. Good. Enough. I mean, maybe you’ll need practice or lessons or help. But seriously, in this game of life…you are good enough. I am good enough. 


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