Top Ten Tuesday – Thankful List


Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!  Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is simply my thankful list.  So without any preamble, here we go:

  1.  I’m thankful to my God.  I am a Christian and I do believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for mine and everyone’s sins.  So simply put, I’m thankful for that one major act of selflessness.
  2. My Husband.  My partner in crime. My lover.  The simple reason I love to read books about the beginnings of love, new love, and first love.  I will never experience new romantic love again, because I don’t imagine spending my life with anyone else.
  3. My Children.  I have been blessed with 3 amazing beings who teach me more and more everyday about life and love and happiness than I ever learned anywhere else.
  4. My Friends and Family.  Life would not be full of fun and laughter nor heartbreak and [healthy] discord without them. This includes my family, Justin’s family, my church friends, my work friends, my internet friends – I love you all dearly.
  5. I’m thankful I live in a country where we have the freedom to do things like vote, and pray, and worship, and work.  I’m thankful that we have choices – even though sometimes the repercussions of those choices may not be what we imagined them to be.
  6. I’m thankful for my job.  I don’t love my job.  Some days I don’t like my job at all.  But I feel respected there, I feel appreciated. I’ve been able to provide for a family of 5 in times when my husband has been at school.
  7. I’m thankful to be healthy both mentally and physcially.  I do some hefty things with my body at times…like squat almost twice my body weight, but I’m able to do it.  I get sick, but my body knows how to heal itself. I don’t suffer from a mental illness that plague so many.  I hope I have many more years of this.
  8. For teachers who care.  My son has been on an IEP (Individual Education Plan) since Kindergarten.  In Second Grade he was diagnosed with Dyslexia.  If it weren’t for teachers who love and care about my children almost as much as I do, I wouldn’t have gotten the news this year that all of his OT was dropped, and he’s doing so well in school, many of his accommodations are being reshaped and helping him to become more independent.
  9. This one is going to seem petty…but I’m thankful for the van we started leasing in August.  I’ve been driving a vehicle that was made when I was 8 years old for many years, and the cars I’ve had before that weren’t that great.  I’ve dealt with so many stupid car issues, I’m just so happy to finally have one that seats all 5 of us easily, and is dependable.   And yes, if I’m honest, I like all the brand-new (this century) features that came with it.  My old Buick had a tape player.  😐
  10. I’m thankful for my cats.  Because I love them.

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