Top Ten Tuesday: Movies

Trying to jump in on this weekly post and see how it goes. This week’s is an easy one – it was for Movies. It could be any kind of movie category we want, so I’m going to make it nice and easy and go with simply my favorites:


1. The movie that I have to stop and watch whenever it’s on – no exceptions: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

I don’t know what it is about this movie, except that maybe I started watching it about the time I didn’t like school much anymore and dreamed of my own ‘day off’ so to speak. Ferris was my hero too! I loved the entire movie and all of it’s cheesiness, and even today if it’s on, I’ll stop and watch it.


2. Book to Movie Favorite: Harry Potter

True, they missed a lot of details that the books had, but these movies are magical! Literally! My family starts…well, about this time a year…every year to rewatch these movies. One movie per week until they are done. This year we’ll end it with a trip to the ‘cheap seats’ to see the new Magical Creatures movie as well.


3. Favorite movie based on a book I’ve never read: The Count of Monte Cristo

GASP! It’s true, I haven’t read this book. But I absolutely love the movie!


4. Movie where the book was NOT better: How to Train Your Dragon

Also known as my favorite animated movie. Still. This is such a cute movie, and imagine my disappointment when I picked the book up to read to my kids and it….well, it didn’t suck exactly, it just wasn’t right. Maybe it was even a little boring.


5. Classic Book to Movie: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Another movie I watch a lot. It’s been a while since I put this one on, but I love it. Especially just the art of the movie- the story that is being told visually with no conversation happening. Maybe it’s time for a re-watch.


6. Favorite Romance: 27 Dresses

Meh, this doesn’t need much commentary, does it? I’m a girl. I’m “into” sweet romance books, and I’m “into” sweet romance movies. Sue me. I will say, though, this kind of movie doesn’t seem to be nearly as popular now. I haven’t seen a new good one in a long time.


7. Favorite Super Hero Film: Doctor Strange

I just saw this over the weekend, and I HAD to add it. I really loved this movie! I mean, I love The Avengers too, but everything about this movie was so much more Me than any of the others. Although, I think Wonder Woman is going to give it a run for its money!


8. Favorite Fantasy: Labyrinth

Dance Magic, dance magic. I created a category for this one, just so I can add it. I wanted to dance with the Goblin King at a masquerade. Even with those strange tights.


9. Movie I couldn’t get enough of as a kid: The Goonies

Adventure, Pirates, treasure…what’s not to love?!


10. Movie(s) I didn’t really expect to enjoy: Star Trek (the new movies)

Yup, not a Trekkie. Hated the shows and movies as kids, but I relented when everyone wanted to see the new movies and I love them. I don’t think I’m alone either, I think there are many people out there just like me.


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Movies

  1. I floved the ’05 version of P&P! I love the book too, And 27 dresses is one of my faves as well. He had electric boobs and mohawk shoes! LOL

    These are all pretty good movies, who doesn’t like Labyrinth and The Goonies! Now I need to go watch them all again! Especially P&P.

  2. I’ve seen all of these movies!!! And I love most of them too!! Count of Monte Cristo I was meh about…and I will tell you, I’ve read the beginning of the book b/c it’s my Grandma-in-law’s favourite book, and it is so boring. Even my hubby who actually reads classics couldn’t get through the whole thing. So you’re not missing out. 😛

    I still need to see Doctor Strange too…my hubby went without me (with my permission, b/c I was at a baby shower, and he and the father-to-be wanted to escape the girly party), so I still need to make it to that one.

    Also, I’m a big time Trekkie, but it still makes me happy that the new movies were accessible for non-Trekkie’s too. I love them as well.

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