Kidz Korner: The Cats of Roxville Station – Jean Craighead George

Title: The Cats of Roxville Station
Author: Jean Craighead George
Genre: Middle School

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Blurb (from
Rachet was thrown into a river to drown. But she claws up the riverbank and finds a home with the feral cats living by the Roxville train station. Amid foxes, raccoons, owls, and hostile humans, the cats fight for territory, hunt, and are hunted. Mike, a foster child, lives near the station. He spots Rachet and sets his heart on befriending her. But Mike must learn to ?speak? the language of cats to gain wily Rachet?s trust. This gorgeous novel from two-time Newbery medalist Jean Craighead George offers insight into feline behavior as it explores the wonder of friendship and the natural world hiding among us.

Azalyah’s Review: 

The cats of Roxville station was a very interesting book about a nice tabby named Ratchet. I enjoyed Ratchet and the other cats, they are not the nicest cats, but they are good characters. Mike, a boy, is loving to cats, I enjoy hearing a boy loving cats, usually boys are dog people. Cats are one of my favorite animals, this book explains how cats work, like their pupils. In conclusion this is a good book and if you like cats you should definitely read the cats of Roxville station. 

4 thoughts on “Kidz Korner: The Cats of Roxville Station – Jean Craighead George

  1. I have housecats and also take care of a colony of feral and abandoned cats every morning. I like the idea of kids reading and learning about cats as characters. Thanks for your review, it made me smile 😉

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