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Title: Under Love’s Influence
Author: Ava Zeaux

Synopsis: When you let yourself go to love, how do you pick yourself back up after everything has shattered around you?
Life as Garner Mason knew it disintegrated in one single moment. As she rebounded into recovery mode, she inadvertently crashed into Ken Conly, who threw her into one hell of an unexpected tailspin. She needed to get it together because, even though he was sexy as hell, she wanted no part of anything inherently male.

Ken Conly’s life was admittedly full with a job he loved, great family and great friends. When Garner Mason stumbled into his path, however, he found himself yearning for a life he wasn’t aware even existed.

From the moment they met, there was an undeniable electricity, something so intense that Garner fought to ignore and Ken pushed to ignite. It was that uncontrollable chemistry that drew them deeper under love’s intoxicating influence.

HEA Ending



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