Short Story: Butch and Sam

Butch and Sam
     He spent the night out on the town running with his own kind, and they made a night of it. But it wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted a home. He wanted to be loved. He had been taken from his mother when he was quite young. In fact, he could barely remember his mother or his siblings. He had been given to a family that did not treat him well and at the first opportunity, he ran away.
He was tired, but on his way to find a place to sleep away the day, he came upon a young boy of about twelve years of age. The boy, whose name was Butch, smiled when he saw him.

“Hi. What’s your name?” asked the boy.

What’s my name? he thought, “I don’t know! No one has ever addressed me by any other name than “Hey you!” When I’m looking for something to eat in the trashcan behind the old lady’s house down the street and she catches me, she always says, “Hey you! Get out of here.” Then she takes a broom to me.

Butch approached, knelt down to eye level and said, “I like you. I think I’ll name you Sam.”

At that, his tail started to wag. Sam sounds like a fine name, he thought.

And so it was that the boy Butch and the dog Sam became fast friends.

Sam had finally found the love he had so yearned for all his life.

(This little short is brought to you by a previous guest poster that you can learn more about by clicking —-> HERE)

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