Weekly Workout – Week of June 29th

I know I haven’t been giving “weekly” updates, but that is because working out is moving along as working out typically will.  I’m on a schedule and I lift on that schedule, and sometimes I make my lifts, and sometimes I don’t.  This last week was a little different though.  First off, I have started adding some different things to my workout in the last couple of weeks.  I’ve been attending a Yoga class that is provided by my workplace on Tuesdays.  This isn’t a stretch and relax type yoga, it is full-on as advanced as you’re able to make it (modify where necessary) kind of Yoga, with lots of core focus.  I love it!  
I’ve also started attending my husband’s Weight Lifting class on Mondays, and while I like working out with a group, it’s a bit different.  They tend to work up to their 1-rep max and then do back-off sets for sake of time.  This is all fine and good, but I have a hard time working up to my 1 rep max.  You can see below in my workout summary, on both my squats and benchpress I failed the lift.  Both of those lifts should have been completely doable because of what I’m doing for 5 reps on my normal days.  I think I may just have a mental block more than anything, and I need to over come the “I can’ts” to be able to do this.  And I need to do it BEFORE I actually enter any kind of Powerlifting Competition of course.

I have also been working on doing a Hook Grip while deadlifting – I practice this only one time a week, and still use the straps on my 2nd deadlift day.  When Justin first started doing this, he complained about it hurting some.  Thankfully he’s a great teacher, because he worked out all the issues, passed those tips on to me, and unless I don’t have the grip tight enough I don’t experience the pain he did.
I was so bummed by Monday’s workout that when I got to Thursday I blew the entire thing out of the water, and felt really, really good about it.  I was able to easily add volume to my workout, and should be able to add some weight this week.
I did not work out on Saturday this week, but that is because on Friday my husband and I went to a “First Fridays” which is a monthly community event, and there we hung out with his Strongman friends and the gym that he works out with at Christ Strength Gym.  There we did the Sigmarsson Deadlift, and a Truck Pull.  I did pretty well (and was fairly sore for a few days).  The truck pull was EXCRUCIATINGLY slow – but I can officially say I pulled a truck! 🙂

Here I am pulling a Truck

And a short video of the deadlift


3 thoughts on “Weekly Workout – Week of June 29th

  1. I really like yoga. Applause for your keeping up an exercise routine. I think because some of us are behind a computer a good deal (and sitting on our butts) we really have to incorporate some activity into our lives.

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