Weight Lifting: Challenges and Goals

So a couple of weeks ago I started a YouTube channel to talk about my weight lifting and throw in some book reviews, that sort of thing…but I’ve discovered something; I don’t think I have the  kind of personality it takes to run a YouTube Channel.  But instead of just calling the whole thing a bust, I’m just going to move the weight lifting part of my life over here to my blog.  I’ll post short videos via Instagram, and if I can figure out how to post them to my blog, I’ll do that as well.

The goal:  I want to participate in a Strongman Competition sometime in 2016 with my husband.  Justin is a Strongman Competitor as well as a Powerlifter.  I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but he’s getting ready to compete in Austin, TX with the PlantBuilt Team.  So for now I’m just working on lifting and increasing my weight, but in the near future I’ll be going to a local Stongman gym to learn how to do the kinds of lifts and carries they usually do, because that in itself is a learning experience.  Anyhow, so here are my numbers for this last week.  This past Tuesday, well, I just had a bad day.  I didn’t eat right and I was tired, and that just messes things all up.  For that reason, I did take it easy on squats on Thursday as well.
The Challenge:  Well, as an extra incentive, I am going to be setting goals to reach for in my lifting.  When I meet the goals, I plan on rewarding myself by purchasing a book themed/nerdy racerback tanktop, (and in the winter I may move to t-shirts).  I’ve already purchased my first one. 
So my next goal is to get my deadlift up to #225 (two 45lb plates!), and I can get a new tank.  I’ve been pinning tanktops to a pinterest board.  I’d love to see any you all might come across!
So some questions for you:  what would you like to see in regards to this?  Any information you’d like me to share about my program, diet, etc?  Any other questions?  I want to make a record of this part of my life, but I want it to be interesting too!!

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