Why I prefer Young Adult over New Adult, or even Adult

This seems to be a thing now, name calling and bashing because of adults reading/liking/preferring Young Adult books over the Adult genre.  Here’s the thing, I don’t care what you think about what I read.  It’s my money, my library card, my life…not yours, and frankly, your opinion doesn’t really matter when it pertains to me; it only matters when it pertains to you.  I don’t understand trying to shame people into reading your preferences, that makes no sense to me at all.  Alas, I’m jumping in and chiming in my 2 cents as to WHY I actually prefer books written to Teens and Young Adults rather than those that are written for “me.”  Me being a 34 year old woman with three kids and a very happy marriage, who just happens to love escaping reality for a good book.

Reasons I prefer YA over NA and A:
  • When I read, this is my escape from reality.  I do not really want anything that is going to “enlighten” me, or “challenge” me…well, at least most of the time that is not my goal.  IF I do get an itch, I’ll find something appropriate.  I also do not want something that is going to make me cry (thus the fact that I barely was able to read If I Stay, and almost regret reading Finding Alaska (though it is extremely excellent), and have NOT read The Fault in our Stars.  Too much real life, I get that every single day in my own life drama, and in the news.  And let’s face it, adult books (with the exception of Chick-lit) tend to fall into some kind of hard topic.  At least the ones that I pick up.  I’m totally open for suggestions.
    • Exceptions:  I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Time Traveler’s Wife, though I cried like a baby every single time Henry died.  I also really enjoyed The Weight of Silence, and boy that is a tough topic, especially for a mom.  I also loved The Girl from Junchow, and The Russian Concubine.
  • As a sappy young woman, I’m not going to lie; I do love romance.  Specifically, I love tales of first love.  YA really does nail this one on the head.  Especially in the books considered “coming of age.”  I really enjoy books by Sarah Dessen, where there is this life story and changes happening in the lives of the characters, but the attraction between characters is this gradual budding thing.  I love to watch it take shape and become something promising.  NA books – typically the relationship jumps gears very quickly.  Within the first few chapters of the book the characters have already shared a few passionate kisses and sometimes even more.  I feel like the joy of this relationship has already taken place, and the rest of the book is some dramatic event happens within the story that causes the characters to stay away from each other for about two chapters and then decide that they actually do love each other.  Go apologize to their mate, and BAM, the end.
    • Exceptions:  Have you read Megan Squires?  Her books are pretty darn good!  T. L. Grey too.
  • I prefer to keep it as clean as possible, although, that isn’t really THAT safe from YA books.  This is why I try and mention these things in my reviews, because if a parent is NOT interested in reading these books, but the kid is – at least there is some kind of baseline.  NA seems to have been created specifically to cross this line “safely.”  Not in all cases (mentioned a few above).  I will say, it does feel a bit better to at least read about college kids now and then.  Sometimes the high school stuff does feel very young. Like, the author has hit the nail right on the head on the personality of a teenager, but man, I just don’t want to be in this persons head.  It hurts! (lol)
  • I like vampires, werewolves, wizards, mythical creatures stories, etc.  I like fantasy.  In adult, it either lacks in the (above mentioned) romance, or it is soft porn.  So yeah.  YA all the way.  NA doesn’t seem to cross into this…yet…that I’ve seen. And geeze, YA has the likes of Maggie Stiefvater, J.K. Rowling, Cassandra Clare and many more.  
So really, it’s all about preference.  I don’t read books about teenagers because I want to be a teenager, or because I feel like a part of my life is missing so I’m filling some void.  I read it because I like it, and it’s as simple as that.

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