First Encounters Friday – 3/15/13

First Encounters Friday is something new I’m trying out.  Here I will give you a little glimps into a book I’ve read or currently reading – it will be the very first meeting of two main characters, whether it’s the first time they have ever met, or the first time they have encountered each other within the book.

Today’s First Encounter comes from Meant To Be by Lauren Morrill

Who are we meeting:  Julie Lichtenstein and Jason Lippincott

        Right then the plane bounces hard, and I am shot out of the bathroom like a cannon ball. A pair of arms saves me from bashing my head into the narrow doorway. I look up to see Jason Lippincott steadying me on my feet.

        “Book Licker!” He says, invoking my least favorite junior-high nickname. He grins, several freckles on his forehead scrunching together. “Enjoying the flight?”


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