Review: Fatal Embrace – Aris Whittier

RATING: Four of Five Stars
GENRE: Adult Fiction
FORM:  eBook

While the author requested that I read and review her book, I have received no compensation for this review other than the joy of reading! 

SYNOPSIS: Michael trusted the responsibility of hiring a temporary horse trainer to his good friend, Dan, so that he can come out of retirement long enough to help catch the serial murder that has been plaguing the town.  He gets quite a shocker when he finds out that the new guy that Dan hired, Jess Stanson, is actually Jessica. She is not only young and beautiful, but she is a great horse trainer.  What he didn’t expect was for her to warm his heart and fill his home with life. He also didn’t realize that the attraction he starts to have for her would ultimately bring her closer to danger.

REVIEW: I hesitate to say I’m a big fan of this type of crime/mystery novels, mostly because I have to be very, very careful about the books I read. Some books fall on the wrong side of scary for me, and I’ll have nightmares. I find that being a mother doesn’t help matters much, in fact I become more paranoid and crazy because of the kids, so I try to stick with light and fluffy, or just plain “not possible” when I read. Fatal Embrace was suspenseful enough to keep me on the edge of my seat and wanting more – in fact, I almost could have taken a little bit more story line in the crime/murderer area than was given. The book moved forward nicely, and if you’re like me and like to try and solve the “who did it,” it might lead you in the wrong direction once or twice.

Jessica is enjoyable most of the time, she’s very light hearted and fun. She likes to joke around, but knows when to be serious and get the job done. Every now and then her personality seems to do a complete 180 and suddenly she is a scared animal though. She is vulnerable and even appears a bit weak and needy. While it gives Michael plenty of chances to play the hero and to grow the romance, the two sides of Jessica almost seemed to contradict in my mind.

Michael is a determined man, and in that he is determined to hold on to the loneliness that has consumed his life since his fiancée was killed three years earlier. He wants to make sure to keep Jessica at arm’s length, but fails miserably. Her vulnerability and need, and the fact that she is the best witness he has to the serial murderer, Michael is helpless to the need to comfort and protect Jessica.

The romance that stirs between the two of them is very slow moving, but very hot! Aris Whittier has provided many fun moments between Michael and Jessica that are heartwarming, or that will make you laugh. The attraction is instantaneous and long lasting, and one that keeps the reader constantly hoping for more. I love stories where the couple have plenty of time to get to know each other and truly fall into friendship prior to falling in love. It makes the characters seem more real.

I am very happy that Aris Whitter asked me to review this book, and look forward to reading more from her in the future.

Aris Whittier is a romance writer. She writes suspense, contemporary, and commercial woman’s fiction. Her debut novel, Fatal Embrace is a romantic suspense that was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine as a Red-Hot Read. Foolish Notions is a contemporary romance that has just a touch a mystery too. Across Eternity is a beautiful love story that transcends time. Visit Aris Whittier at:


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