The Highlander’s Heart – Amanda Forester

RATING:   3 of 5 Stars
GENRE: Adult-Romance
FORM:  Mass-Market Book, ARC
PUBLICATION DATE:  October 1, 2011

While I was granted permission to read this book by Sourcebooks, I have received no compensation for this review other than the joy of reading!  

SYNOPSIS: Isabelle Tysdale is on the run from her angry, abusive husband. After being ditched by her horse, she is stuck wandering the wilderness alone, with no clue where she is. It isn’t until she encounters some Highland thugs on the road that she finds out she has made her way all the way to Scotland, enemies of England. Trouble finds her at every twist and turn, but fortunately Isabelle has a reluctant savior in David Campbell. Realizing that in her absence will likely mean danger for her family, Isabelle tries again and again to get back to England, but to no avail. Isn’t it just her luck that every time danger lurks, David is right there to protect her?

REVIEW: I found The Highlander’s Heart to be a funny adventure through the Highlands. Isabelle was charming and funny, and did not always make the wisest of decisions. She was compassionate and expected the good out of everyone, even though it got her in more trouble many times. She was nothing if not persistent though. Even when there was no hope of escape, she never failed to come up with some grand plan. Despite her repeated failed attempts at escaping, in the end others called on her creative thinking when they needed help in or out of a situation.

This book was full of interesting characters, both of the darkest dark and those with the best of intentions. Some of my favorites included the McNab brothers, both of whom are desperate and do whatever they can to help their clan, trouble is their decisions continue to bring their Clan closer and closer to demise. I think my heart really went out to them because of their good intentions, and their slight stupidity. In addition to the McNab brothers, it was impossible not to fall in love with David Campbell’s siblings, all distinct in their personalities, but they give you get a sense of a true solid family.

David Campbell was by far one of my favorite Highlander male characters. He doesn’t drip with passion, nor is he overly aggressive in love or in life, as I find many Highland-heros do. He was a thoughtful man, weighing his decisions, seeking God for wisdom. He didn’t grab and take, but he prayed and weighed his options. This was a nice change from the typical, and I found that it made him more appealing, and the ending all that much better.

The Highlander’s Heart is was a very fun, romantic read for anyone who loves Highlander books.  The story was often funny, and moved along nicely.  Amanda Forester’s characters are not only sexy, but also honorable and filled with compassion.


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