When Passion Rules – Johanna Lindsey

When Passion Rules by Johanna Lindsey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

GENRE: Adult-Romance
FORM: AudioBook
NARRATOR: Rosalyn Landor

SYNOPSIS Alana thought that the most important decisions in her life was who to marry and when, and whether she wanted to continue to teach at the orphanage her Uncle “Poppie” own and ran. Her life is instantly turned upside down when Poppie reveals that he was once an assassin who was given the assignment to kill the heir to the throne of Lubinia, which was her. Now she has to deal with the fact that she is not an ordinary girl, but a princess; and one that is direly needed to return to her country in an attempt to prevent a war. Upon arriving in Lubinia, she is faced with the complication that many girls had come forward in the past eighteen years saying they were the long-lost princess, and is instantly taken in as a prisoner by the captain of the palace guards, Christoph Becker. When word gets out that it is possible the princess has returned, suddenly Alana’s life is in danger once again, and is left with the sexy, handsome, barbaric Christoph to protect her, and figure out the puzzle of Alana’s birthright.

REVIEW: I have continued to read Johanna Lindsay’s work because I so loved her Malory Family Series. I knew going in that this book wasn’t a part of the series, but since I did enjoy them so much I figured it was worth a shot. Lindsay does know passion, I will say that. Her books are sexy, and tender. She is always reliable when you just want a little bit of (especially in this case) princess-esc romance. The hero of her novels are always protective, and end up being swept off their own feet in love. He is usually a bit overprotective and always possessive over the female. Both are characteristics I love in books, but would detest in real life. The heroine is always a very strong character who is cleaver and usually a bit funny. There is always a tiny bit of helplessness; even with Alana, who was trained to protect herself in many ways, needed Christoph’s protection and support.

WHAT I LOVED: I loved Christoph. I felt like many times that Alana was judging him very harshly, but Christoph was very honest with himself and his feelings. He wasn’t wavering or unsure. I also loved the story behind what happened to Alana as an infant…I almost saw what happened coming, and thought I would be annoyed by it (because it was a back and forth story-line), but once it played out entirely it all made sense and I ended up enjoying that part of the story.

NOT SO MUCH: Alana’s back and forth assessments of Christoph. Instead of judging him by his actions, she looked too much at what he was saying. She was always offended. Also, she was suppose to be very well trained with weapons to be able to protect herself, however she didn’t seem to come off that way whenever the need arose. I didn’t like that the orphanage and teaching options seemed to be completely off the table for Alana in the end. It wasn’t addressed really. For something that was so important to her, it seems like it would have been touched upon at the end. (And I don’t think I missed it.)

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