Fat Cat – Robin Brande

Fat Cat by Robin Brande
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: Young Adult – Fiction
FORM: Audiobook
NARRATOR: Kirsten Potter

SYNOPSIS: Catherine (Cat) Locke has been overweight for a good portion of her life. Every diet she tries, she is somewhat successful, but then rewards herself with a pint of ice cream, or some brownies. This year, though, she is taking this incredibly hard science class with Mr. Fizer, where the science project is determined by a random picture pulled out of a box, and she is required to enter it into the Science Fair. Cat is determined to do very well, not only because she wants the letter of recommendation and scholarship money that could result from a good project, but winning would also mean beating her once best friend no enemy, Matt McKinney. The picture Cat pulls, early humans fighting over meat, changes not only her life, but the way she views life, as she goes on a journey of reverting back to a time before there were fast food restaurants and preservatives and additives in food, as well as computers and cell phones.

REVIEW: Fat Cat, is a hilarious and compelling story about food, friends, and…boys. Cat is great. Her personality is consistent throughout the book, even when she starts getting skinny and hot, she still thinks of herself as fat and unattractive. Even through one boyfriend and one…really hot dance…she has a hard time believing the new her is really her. She is such a believable character, I’m sure I went to school with her. She has normal fears and thoughts, no so smart she’s dumb, just the perfect kind of rightness for this book. The absolute best character of this entire story, though, is Cat’s best friend, Amanda. I found myself laughing out loud at her and some of the comments she makes more than once. Her relationship with Jordan was a little tiresome though. Yeah, they were the perfect couple, but I got tired of the “Hi Sweetie!” I, personally, don’t know very many guys who like to be called sweetie.

WHAT I LOVED: A book where the author had an informative topic she wanted to push, but didn’t do so it in a way that was demeaning or degrading to anyone who didn’t see things the same way she did. I was compelled, and maybe a little convicted, but I didn’t feel like I had sinned and was a going to hell. And aside from the agenda, the book was just fun! I loved listening to it. I feel like I “made friends” with the characters.

NOT SO MUCH: I thought adding the Café on top of everything else Cat was doing was a little but much, and unfair to Cat (if she were a real person.) It just didn’t seem all that necessary.

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