Rules of Attraction – Simone Elkeles

Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: Young Adult – Fiction; Romance
FORM: eBook
SERIES: Perfect Chemistry Series

SYNOPSIS: Carlos is being forced to move to Colorado and in with his brother, Alex, “for his own good.” Figuring everyone expects the worst of him anyway, he figures he might as well act the part as well. The school he now attends is filled with mostly rich kids who don’t know what it means to live a hard life. His brother is consumed with thoughts and life with his girlfriend, Brittany. Everyone he has ever known has either left him, sent him away, or died on him. Kiara is determined to change a few things her senior year. Having gained some control over her stuttering, she does not intend to be the shy girl anymore, and while she’s not shooting for popular cheerleader or anything, she hopes to at least be able to hold her head high. Kiara and Carlos’ lives begin to collide right from the first day, when Kiara signs up to be Carlos’ peer guide, but neither one of them figured the relationship would last beyond the first week.

REVIEW: I really enjoy these books. They are opposites attract, boy meets girl…boy hates girl…boy loves girl. Can’t go wrong there. Plus, Simone Elkeles knows how to write some of the best steamy scenes! Kiara was a little surprising to me as a character. She was sort of shy and standoffish, and at the same time very bold and outgoing. It’s a strange mix, and not one you would find very often. She only really seemed shy or overwhelmed when she was put on the spot or being made fun of. She mostly just had a strong personality of a normal teenage girl in my opinion. Carlos was no surprise at all. He was exactly what I was expecting, tough, arrogant and a teenager who thinks he knows everything; but also there is a very vulnerable part to him, the part of himself he tries to hide at all costs.

WHAT I LOVED: I liked the progression of Kiara and Carlos’ relationship. It wasn’t love at first sight, not even really attraction at first sight. It was something that grew as they got to know each other, which is a nice healthy dose of reality.

NOT SO MUCH:: I sort of feel like Carlos didn’t get to tell his story much. Not the in the book so much, but to others. He always kept everything bottled up, so his brother never got to find out everything he didn’t do. Or how he got in trouble for protecting someone. Not that he wasn’t hot headed or anything, but people really did have a very low expectation for him, and while he was helped out in the end, there was nothing really done or said that would raise that much, other than the fact that family helps family, etc.


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