Wedding Season – Katie Fforde

Wedding SeasonWedding Season by Katie Fforde
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

GENRE: Adult – Romance or ChickLit
FORM: Book (Library)

SYNOPSIS: Sarah is a wedding planner who does not believe in marriage. After catching her first love in bed with another women, and the fact that more often than not, the marriage ends up splitting, she figures she’s better off single. That does not stop her from throwing everything’s she’s got into the wedding that she’s planning. This becomes more obvious as she agrees to organize her younger sister’s wedding, and get’s her first big name client on the same day. What’s worse is, both of their weddings are rushed and are happening on the same day as well, in two months time. It’s a good thing she enlists her best crew, and fast growing friends; Bron, the hair and make-up artist, and Else, a dress maker, and then there’s Hugo, the fabulous and charming photographer.

REVIEW: Wedding Season is a great, happy, summer read. What’s better than a romance novel about weddings, anyway? All of the characters were fun and likeable. Even though the story was extremely predictable, it was fun to watch as each of the girls unfolded as people and grew into their new relationships and lives.

WHAT I LOVED: I really just loved the story in general. Like I said, it was just a fun, light read. Nothing heavy or hard to deal with. No surprises or anything of that sort. Just a lovely romance with a triple dose happily ever after.

NOT SO MUCH: I sort of felt like the book took a long time to get to any action. Especially for Sarah and Hugo. I was hoping on another steamy moment or two before Sarah snapped into place and got her head straight on her shoulders. Instead she just did a lot of thinking and trying not to think about Hugo. It kind of had me thinking, “just go GET him already!”

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