The Last Little Blue Envelope – Maureen Johnson

The Last Little Blue Envelope (Little Blue Envelope, #2)The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson

GENRE: Young Adult-Fiction
FORM: Audiobook
NARRATOR: Emily Durante
SERIES: 13 Little Blue Envelopes Series

SYNOPSIS: Ginny is in the process of applying for college, writing the typical “One thing that changed your life,” essay, and is stuck. She has experienced many things, specifically a trip through Europe with no outside communications, just letters left to her by her dead aunt guiding her way. The problem is putting this into words, especially when the adventure was left uncompleted due to the letters being stolen. Then Ginny receives a mysterious e-mail containing a partial copy of the last letter – the letter left unresolved – which leads her to immediately packing her bags and off to London for her Christmas vacation. While there, she is paired up with Oliver, (the holder of the last letter,) and Keith and his new girlfriend, on a mission to compile one last piece of art by Ginny’s crazy Aunt Peg.

REVIEW: I really do love these travel adventure books. Could you imagine getting to just jump in an airplane, cross the ocean and on a crazy adventure across Europe? Sounds wonderful to me. This time around, Ginny is being blackmailed into completing the last leg of her previous journey, completing another piece of art work and selling only to split the proceeds. Oliver, the blackmailer, is tall, dark, handsome, and mysterious. He screams Jane Austen character! However, at first, I’m on the same page as Ginny – and hoping for a happily ever after with Keith. But as the book progressed, I became extremely irritated with Keith, LOOOONG before Ginny. He was rude, and mean and all kinds of nasty. He became completely un-redeemable in my eyes.

As mentioned above, I love the adventure of this book. All off the twist and turns and situations that causes the characters to brainstorm how best to proceed. It’s extremely fun. I would have loved a little more romantic movement, and felt just a little let down by the lack, only because Oliver seemed very dark and brooding, which can really make for some fun romantic opportunities.

The narration was pretty good. I always love hearing books done in a foreign accent, and while this book wasn’t the best narration ever, it was still very good. I could hear the American, English, and Irish accents come out pretty distinctly, so you got the idea.

WHAT I LOVED: The simplicity of the book. While there were obstacles to overcome, there was not so many twist and turns in the story that your head was spinning. It’s a nice simple easy read, perfect summer reading for sure!

NOT SO MUCH: I really hated that Keith’s character seemed to change so much from one book to the next. He seemed more light hearted, and witty in the first book. Now he’s just mean and irritating. He treated Ginny poorly, and I think that his anger in the end is completely unjustified, and he never seems to really realize it.



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