Everlasting – Angie Frazier

Everlasting (Everlasting, #1)Everlasting by Angie Frazier

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

GENRE: Young Adult – Mildly Paranormal
FORM: Book
SERIES: Everlasting – Book 1

SYNOPSIS: Camille is the daughter of a sea captain. She was raised, by her father alone, at sea and has not had to endure the “society” as other ladies her age have, and has no interest in such a boring life. However, because her father wishes her to be a proper lady and at the hope that she will eventually feel a spark of romance, Camille has agreed to marry Randall Jackson.

But before the wedding and the new life, Camille is taking one last trip with her father aboard the Christina. A trip where, not only does she learn that her mother, whom she has though dead since her birth is actually a life and has sent for her, but a storm sinks the ship and takes her father with it. Camille also learns of a legend of a stone that will a person of your choosing back from the dead, and that supposedly her mother owns the only map to this stone. Camille, desperate to get her father back and to meet the mother she didn’t know was still alive, sets off on an adventure to get the map and the stone. She is helped by her father’s first mate, and Camille’s long-time friend, Oscar Kildare, the one man who causes Camille’s heart to beat faster and knees go weak.

REVIEW: One thing that I know, and always seem to forget; I love books aboard ships. The only other books I’ve read like this were by Lindsay Johanna, but there is just something about the setting that I find a bit romantic. Not that this book’s romance took place primarily on a ship, in fact the time on the ship was actually less than I would have liked, but I enjoyed it while it lasted none the less.

Everlasting was an adventure, to say the least. It reminded me of a mild Indiana Jones actually. There was action, adventure, romance, large hairy goons looking to kill them, selfish and witty, whistling guides, and large spiders (shudders!!). I loved Camille, she was so different from who she was suppose to be, but was actually very comfortable in her skin. She loved her father, and was very obedient to him, almost to a fault. It was this obedience that had her longing any kind of feelings of romance or love with Randall, when she had the simmering fire of Oscar just waiting on her.

The book was very easy to read and to follow, but was entertaining enough to keep me reading. A book appropriate for a 13 year old, but also good enough for an adult (who enjoys YA books), in my opinion.

WHAT I LOVED: That Oscar was a very worthy guy. He was not overly manly, over protective, or over perfect. In many ways, he was not flat out, drop dead geogious. He was inappropriate for a lady of society. But he was a great friend, and he had passion, and he wanted to protect Camille. He was angry when he should have been, and handed out forgiveness easily as well. In a book-world of overly-perfect guys, Oscar stands out as very real to me.

NOT SO MUCH: 1. The name of the book. “Everlasting” didn’t really seem to apply to anything except the stones and the people made by the stones? Maybe there will be more revealed in the next book about this? 2. The cover. There was no scene like the one on the cover. I wanted there to be, but there just wasn’t. And I’m finding a lot of books like that lately. Why??


Just Released June 1, 2011

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