The Silent Box – D.R. Rux

GENRE: Adult Sci-Fi/Paranormal
FORM: e-Book

SYNOPSIS:  Someone is after the most dangerous historical artifact known to man, and somehow they know that Frank Rice knows where it is. The box that was once thought of as mythical is has now become Frank and his children’s lifeline.  Flashing back to when he and his partner, Beverly, discovered the box, and the realization of its vast power, Frank is now forced to hand over Pandora’s Box to save his and his children’s lives.  To whom, he has no clue, but handing it over may not really help because as Frank finds out, opening the box means the end of mankind as we know it.

REVIEW:  ”Action packed,” is probably the best description for The Silent Box.  The novelette opens up and closes with danger and conflict.  D.R. Rux takes the mythological story of Pandora’s Box, intertwines it with the story of Creation, and creates a world in which humans may rapidly become extinct.  For a short read, he packs in a lot of pertinent information – the key players involved, and story behind the box that is about to change the world.

LOVED IT:   I think this is a great prequel to a work in progress, and look forward to seeing how D.R. Rux takes mankind to the brink of non-existence, and hopefully back again.  I believe this work has the potential for “edge of your seat” action that will keep fans reading.

NOT SO MUCH: The thing I love most about books is getting to “make new friends.”  Character development is a big deal to me.  This book was just the right length to provide the basics on the people in the story, but I don’t really that a feel for “who” these people are just yet.

SONG DEDICATION: Isn’t it obvious?  “It’s the End of the World as We Know It,” REM  (Tell me you’re not singing that song now….it will be stuck on your head for the rest of the day thanks to me.  You’re welcome! )


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