The Anti-Prom – Abby McDonald

The Anti-Prom
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Anti-Prom

AUTHOR: Abby McDonald
GENRE: Young Adult Fiction
FORM: Audiobook

SYNOPSIS: Three girls who would be voted “Least Likely to Hang Out – EVER,” find themselves stuck together when what is suppose to be the best, most fun day of their entire High School career falls apart. Bliss has just caught one of her best friends, Katelyn, in a rather precarious position with her boyfriend in the back of their limo. Jocelyn, the school outcast, trouble maker, “tough girl” was suppose to meet her (guy) friend and do a little revenge action. Meg, the shy wallflower who just wanted to have a normal day, was set up with a friend of the family as a date to the prom, but he canceled at the last minute. Now the three have teamed up, and have a mission – well Bliss and Jocelyn have their own missions; Meg is just getting caught up in their tidal wave. For one night only, they are an unstoppable team.

REVIEW: Wow, that is a lot of stuff to pack into one night. Especially when prom is already in full swing as the book opens. The Anti-Prom is wall-to-wall action. There is not a single piece of “dead air” in the book, Bliss, Jocelyn, and Meg are moving from the opening to the closing. I loved the mix of the most unlikely candidates – and how they deal with each other. Most of the best moments of the book, for me, were when they were on route to their next destination, and either bickering or chastising each other. For each of the girls prom night ended up being a bit more of a night of self discovery.

Abby McDonald did a great job of creating characters that anyone can relate to. It was easy to find something about one or all of the girls and experience this adventure from their shoes. I know I could relate to two of the girls; Meg, for her shy, standoffish personality. And Jocelyn, for her broken family and father full of empty promises. I can tell you, I think I probably would have had a lot more fun at their “Prom” than I had at mine!

This book would be an AWESOME teen movie! Think a newer and much better Can’t Hardly Wait.

WHAT I LOVED: The wrapping up ending, starting with the 2nd trip to the college. I LOVE how everything fell together at the end for all of the girls, and their attitudes concerning each of their circumstances.

NOT SO MUCH: That really was a lot of action for just one night…but the book wouldn’t have been the same. It’s a divide in my head, a good book doesn’t have to be a realistic one. (This coming from the girl who reads mostly fantasy/sci-fi YA novels..right?)

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