Beastly – Movie Adaptation

Beastly Poster
Finally – a movie adaptation that has been done almost perfectly! 
I loved the movie version of Beastly.  Sure, the acting was as little bit rough in the beginning; the girl playing Kyle Kingston’s girlfriend was stiff and seemed to be over acting a little bit, for starters, but once the movie moved forward – the acting and the movie itself only got better. I am so thankful that the screenwriter/director/etc did not feel the need to move away from the plot and details that Alex Finn had already created – keeping the movie as true to the book as possible is the way to go!  Especially if you want to continue to get the support of book lovers!  I am thankful that the cheesy web-forum chats were taken out – but then I can’t imagine how they would have been included in the first place.  The lack of these scenes also made the characters seem a bit more mature than they did in the book. 
I had made my husband watch the trailer of Beastly months ago – and thankfully for the most part we are both into the scifi/fantasy genre, he’s a little more scifi horror, while I do prefer the relationship/romance version, but we both give and take, so he was easily on board with seeing the movie.  He did, however, grow a little skeptical when he saw that Mary Kate Olsen was in the movie.  It only took my whispered explanation, “she’s the witch,” to calm his apprehension.  I actually feel bad that is true, Mary Kate and Ashley were wonderful actresses in their time, but I think media and the fact that we haven’t really seen them in anything in a long time, and growing up in general has affected our points of view on them. 
Anyhow, I had not seen Vanessa Hudgens in anything except HSM 1 & 2, but she is quite honestly a good actress.  I’m thinking that if she sticks with this genre, there will be some more work for her in the near future.
This is the first time I’ve ever seen Alex Pettyfer in anything, but I can see why he’s most people’s number one pick for Jace Wayland in City of Bones. It’s mostly the blond wavy locks, and the killer smile.  Quick Wikipedia search tells me he’s accepted the part as Daniel in Fallen (which I had no idea was being made into a movie – but am a bit excited about now.) 
Loved Neil Patrick Harris!  He’s role, though small, was done very well.  He was perfect for the role.

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