The Lost Saint – Bree Dispain

The Lost Saint (The Dark Divine,  #2)The Lost Saint by Bree Despain

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Grace is working on using her wolf skills without actually letting the wolf take control, a skill that Daniel once was on board with, but is starting to take a step back and rethink the wisdom in the training. Determined to find her brother, Jude, and to do good with the lot that she has been given, Grace stumbles upon another of her kind – Nathan Talbot, who agrees to help her train and quickly becomes her mentor and the one other guy besides Daniel who causes her blood to stir. Between training and kicking some demon butt, the wolf inside Grace is making his voice known, causing her to say and do thinks that she normally wouldn’t.


I was so disappointed in both Grace and Daniel throughout this book. The characters that had so much fire and passion, who had demonstrated acts of true love in The Dark Divine have fizzled out to silliness and immaturity in The Lost Saint. Grace, who is so smart and level headed doesn’t seem to recognize the wolf voice within her, or maybe she does realize it it, but I would have thought she would have been able to understand that the voice was obviously manipulating her. I’m disappointed in both of them because of their desire to keep secrets under the guise of “protecting” the other, when really both Grace and Daniel were thinking about only themselves, and what they wanted. An ounce of communication would have eliminated a pound of frustration, disappointment, and hurt. Neither were willing to give, even when Daniel was suspected of doing things on the sly – things that seemed like would be getting him in trouble. Given the fact that Grace knew that he was keeping secrets and showing up at places he probably shouldn’t have been, it’s no wonder that she started looking to Talbot more and more.

I also feel like there is a lot going on with the folklore in the story. While I may just not be remembering every detail from The Dark Divine, but I was a little taken back by the different types of wolves, the vampires, and then the demons. Yet it all seemed like a small part of the book’s point, and more of a way for Grace and Talbot to bond than a really important part of the book. Also, I was a little surprised at the lack of Jude, given the fact that he called Grace in the very beginning, and then Grace’s little brother was having nightmares and “seeing things,” which also seemed to drop off suddenly. Then there were Jude’s comments and messages to April. All of that, also, seemed to be a rather insignificant part of the book. It just seemed like there was so much more potential for story movement within the other aspects of the book outside of relationship (Grace/Daniel; Grace/Wolf; Grace/Talbot), which seemed to be what the book seemed to focus on the most.

The Lost Saint is obviously the tension of the entire series. There is so much friction and so many unknowns. It’s at this point when you sit and think, “what is going to happen next?” and every fangirl is going to come up with their own desired HEA for book number 3. In any series, this is the shaky ground – the final book will determine whether this series is a pretty good series or one that is just okay.

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