The Trylle Trilogy – Amanda Hocking

Ascend (Trylle Trilogy, #3)Ascend by Amanda Hocking

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I read this trilogy back-to-back, so instead of three books I feel like I’ve read on big book.

In Switched Wendy is just starting out at another new school.  She has a way of getting into trouble with students and teachers.  Mostly she just doesn’t fit in at all.  Her mother is in a mental institute for trying to kill her when she was six years old, claiming that she wasn’t her daughter – but that she was some kind of monster.  Apparently, her mother wasn’t too far off from the truth.  At her new school, Wendy meets Finn, who introduces her and walks her through her new life as a Trylle (Troll in english).  Wendy was a changling, and it is time for her to come home.  But it gets even better (and what could be better than dark, handsome Finn as your guide?), Wendy isn’t just any Trylle, she’s the princess. 

In Torn it’s time for Wendy to accept her role as princess and trying to behave like one, especially after she’s been kidnapped for a second time.  This time by her father.  After a dramatic rescue, Wendy is stepping up to her duties – and doing whatever she can to do what is best for her (future) kingdom.

is Wendy’s true thrust into power.  She is married to a great friend who will walk next to her and help her lead her kingdom into victory and into change.  But how does one kill an immortal king?


I read all three of these books over a sick weekend, when I was stuck mostly in bed.  This is not to speak bad of the trilogy, the thing is, I actually probably stayed in bed even more because of the books.  The trilogy was very well written.  Wendy is a great main character, a strong person who grows from a defiant teenager into a true leader determined to do some good.  I was really impressed with the story because there were many times I was thinking that Amanda Hocking was going to go in one direction with the story – and ended not taking that route at all.  The only plot point that I got right (and was happy about) was her marriage to Tove. 

So what I wasn’t happy about (and this is SPOILER – so please discontinue here if you want to read)

I wanted Finn!  I completely, COMPLETELY understand why Wendy chose not to go with him.  He didn’t fight, he didn’t stand up for her.  He was sucked into society.  I got it.  But Amanda, why did you have to write it that way??  They shared some amazing, steamy moments.  Much, much better than any moment with Loki in my opinion.  I understand why Loki ended up being the better fit.  But STILL.  Ugh.

Oh, and this is how much I didn’t care for Loki.  I didn’t trust him.  I wanted him to betray her, so she’d go back to Finn.  If that wasn’t going to happen, I also wanted Tove to step up and give her a strange fit of passion and the happy ever after in that direction.  I never had eyes for Loki.  But I’m not the author.  And I do understand why the book went the direction it did. (I keep saying that.  I want to impress that this was a trilogy worth the read though!!)

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