Voyager – Diana Gabaldon

Voyager (Outlander, #3)Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Claire has discovered that Jamie has survived and makes the decision to once again go through the stones and try and find the one man she’s ever truly loved back in time.  This is a decision she cannot make lightly, as she is leaving her daughter Brianna behind, but her love for Jamie surpasses all other.  Life with Jamie is never boring, Claire finds herself in the middle of adventure and danger from the moment she steps back in time.


Have you ever gotten to the end of a book and thought, “man, I really want to know what happens next?”  I pretty much lived there as a kid.  I always hated when a book ended.  I have a feeling Diana Gabaldon felt the same way, because she takes her characters and keeps moving forward.  The Outlander series is extremely creative, and dramatic story.  Jamie and Claire find themselves in so many different odd scenarios, that sometimes I feel like it’s an episode of Forest Gump, you know how he had his hand in almost every major event of his time?  These books have so much motion to them, that you hardly realize that they are L-O-N-G.  Voyager was an approximately 36-hour audio book.  I feel like I have completed a Claire/Jamie marathon.

My honest opinion of this books and this series (I’m pretty sure I haven’t reviewed any of the other books); they are a great read.  I find I want them the most when I’m in a lull – I have so many books that I find I wait on through the year that if I need something to pass the time, I pick up a Diana Gabaldon book.  I’m not in love with them, however I have met plenty who absolutely LOVE these books and re-read them regularly, I just don’t fall into that camp.  I enjoy them.  They pass the time, and I really love the characters, and the stories.  I think that the only problem is – this is exactly what would happen if a book truly did just keep going on and on.  Eventually you’re like, really?  Can they ever just have a moment’s peace or just live for a few years without incident (but who would want to read THAT book???)  I have to spread these books out, because too much would be…well, too much.

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