Shadowfever – Karen Marie Moning

Shadowfever (Fever, #5)Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning

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With momentum that never lets up, Karen Marie Moning takes us on a ride that has highs and lows, but does not disappoint. Finally some answers, thank God this did not end up like the dramatic ending to Lost, where even though you understand the ending, you still have so many questions that may never get answered (or maybe they will – if you participate in all the message boards/chat sessions – which I did not). At this point, if you still have questions – well, you might be a little too involved with the series and need to take a step back and evaluate your life…you know, live the one that is not in the books for a while. 😉

Is it weird to say that I’ve never been so happy to get to the end of a series of books? That seems wrong, doesn’t it? It’s just that…it was so good, and the cliffhanger endings were so killer that…well I’m just happy it’s over. I’m completely satisfied with the ending, and it’s obvious that Karen Marie Moning has some stuff a’brewin in that head of hers, as she’s left much room for more writing.

I recommend this series to everyone I think would like it, but I’m very careful about my recommendations because 1. I don’t like recommending books people won’t like, and 2. Well, in this particular case – it’s just not appropriate for some audiences. There IS a reason why I read a lot of young adult books – I get the fantasy/Sci-Fi genre without all the other stuff. I got hooked on this series 3 or 4 years ago? I can’t remember, but I don’t read a whole lot of adult fantasy/sci-fi/paranormal – because either they edge a little on the side of “way too scary” for me, or over on the erotic side; this one is the latter. So definitely not appropriate for…well anyone who wouldn’t/should do anything rated R. That is my warning, take it for what it’s worth. Outside of that, the writing is excellent, the story will suck you in and swallow you, and the ending has a big …pink…bow on it.

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