All That is True – Jackie Lee Miles

All That's TrueAll That’s True by Jackie Lee Miles
Form:  Book (ARC)
Genre: Adult or Young Adult Ficiton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Andi is a privileged teenager.  He lives in a rich neighborhood, can pretty much stay on top of the fashion world and any activity is within her reach.  However, life isn’t dealing her an easy hand. Her brother, Alex, recently died.  Her and her best friend, Bridget, have discovered that her dad and Bridget’s step-mother are having an affair.  Her mother is an alcoholic and constantly dancing on the edge.  Couple all of that with the fact that she’s a typical young teenager who is just trying to discover who she is and how her life is going to turn out – it seems as though her life is a complete mess.

Through many friends and relatives and most of all herself, Andi discovers everything she needs to move forward and not only live life, but how to do it and be happy as well.

All That’s True captivates you from the first page!  The book reads almost as a journal as Andi takes you on a journey of a year of her life, probably the hardest time she has ever had to go through.  She narrates on everything from her troubles with her father and his affair, her mother’s alcohol problems, all the way to her latest boy craze, or future husband.  Andi is just a typical thirteen year old girl, and all she really wants is live a normal life.

There were many times throughout the book I felt really bad for Andi.  She tried so hard to do the right thing, and do whatever she could to help out in every situation.  Because there was so much going on in her home life, it seemed like Andi was left to figure things out on her own a lot of the time.  Andi is genuinely a good person through and through.  She wants to do what she can to make things the easiest on everyone, which sometimes makes things the hardest for her.  Through out this year she learns that life does not always give you what you want or expect, but given the choices you make and how you choose to react to it, you can make the best of all situations.

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