Trendy, Trendy, Trendy

I’ve been thinking about things that have become trendy lately.  Specifically when it comes to movies, books, and music – or books, movies, and music; since one of the new trendy things is to make movies based off of young adult books.  Of course it’s obviously a good idea, anyone can look at the popularity of the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises – big fat DUH!   Obviously there is something there.   Honestly, I’m completely okay with the current “trendy.”  I prefer fantasy/sci-fi (minus aliens…I’ve never gotten much into aliens – unless Will Smith is involved…but that’s only because he’s a good actor), I like romance; put the two together and I’m sold.  I guess what really has me thinking is how many people out there are banking on it.  Should I care?  Probably not – but since this stuff is turning up on every media outlet I can think of, it’s just more and more apparent that people take what is popular and suck the profit out of it until it’s dead.
This IS basic supply and demand.  We want, they give, not exactly brain science.  I think what I don’t like is being suckered.  I don’t like getting a novel, or watching a movie that has great potential; it’s got a running theme and idea that I like, etc., but it turns out to be mediocre at best.  To me, it seems as though this person/people are just trying to jump on the train and cash in.  When you are just taking something because it’s popular and trying to make it yours, it feels faked.  Not only that, but it sort of starts to turn you away from the very thing you love.  When I pick up a book and start reading, and the material is just…”eh, well, that kind of sucked,” it really does not make me excited to try new authors and new books. Hello, disillusionment! I don’t want to read “suck.”  Why waste my time when my favorite authors are putting out a least a book a year…well most of them anyway(ahem…Stephenie Meyer…where ARE you???)    In my opinion, what has made the big contenders (Twilight, Harry Potter, The Immortal Instruments, The Wolves of Mercy Falls)  so good is that it came from the imagination.  The authors/producers/writers (whoever…in most cases I’m not actually sure who all is involved) have this idea that is all their own and it turns into something wonderful.
Of all media outlets, what has surprised me the most is music.  In the past it seemed to me that music followed it’s own trend scale.  Music and other media didn’t seem to be linked so much on topic matter.  Apparently that has changed.  I recently have gotten Norah JonesThe Fall, and Plain White T’s Wonder of the Younger CD’s, and both of them included Pirates and Werewolves in their songs.  Plain White T’s even have some vampire action.  Princesses have also made an appearance.  So basically, a lot of the things that we rae reading and watching lately are making their way into the music as well.  I love fantasy..and it’s kind of neat that we are getting the cross over into music….but artists, be careful.  There is a fine line between, “hey, that’s pretty neat,” and “well, that was super cheesy.”  Both artists mentioned above have some very good songs on these CDs – so please don’t take any of that as an “I don’t like…” because I do recommend both!  It’s just that I really, really love the heart being poured into music.  I don’t care the subject matter, as long as what is being sung is a story from the heart – it’s meaningful.  Fluff us fluff, though, and this can turn people away.  Which, I’m assuming, is the opposite of what anyone would want to do.

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