Torment – Lauren Kate

Torment (Fallen, #2)Torment by Lauren Kate

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Torment is book two of the Fallen Novels by Lauren Kate. This book picks up pretty much right where Fallen left off. Lucinda (Luce) is sent to a new school, to make new friends and face new challenges. She is lying to her best friend, and her family, and she has no idea what is going on. Daniel is being cryptic about everything that is going on and is just not there whenever Luce needs him. Luce knows that everyone (Daniel, Cam, even her teachers) tell her to stay at school and to lay low is for her own good, Luce still can’t help but do a little investigating of her own to try and figure out what the big mystery really is. This sets her off on an exploration of her past lives, and on a path to discover who Daniel really is.

I am stuck. That is for certain. I must know what happens! The thing is, this book actually annoyed me a lot. To me Luce whined a lot, even if a lot of it was justifiable. She didn’t ask enough questions. I mean Steven (super hot demon-angel teacher at the new school) – hello, he was helping you, why not ask him more questions? He may not have answered, but he seemed willing enough to help. Why in the world can’t she follow directions? I mean, after the first ‘holy crap, I just about got myself killed’ moment, you could think she would learn…but nnooooo. Daniel was a big jerk because he just wouldn’t talk. Even if he couldn’t tell her everything, he could have at least told her some things – like, “oh yeah, there are people out to get you” or “hey, this school we just stuck you in to fend for yourself – it’s a shield. It will protect you!” That is the least he could have done. The shadows/announcers/portals. Honestly!? Can we pick ONE THING that they are. I can say much more on this topic – but it would give way too much away, but I did think that they were SO ‘useful’ in this book, it made them even more unbelievable – even for a fantasy novel.

So why does every book have to have a love triangle now? That is one plot that has been overdone. And this is the SECOND one for this series…I really hope a 3rd isn’t going to show up. I will say that I really liked Miles. His character was my favorite out of all of them in this book. I want to see good things for him in the future! The Twilight reference in the book “Team Daniel/Team Miles” was funny, and probably a little cheesy. I laughed, because I’m pretty easy going and okay with whatever in books, but I’m betting a whole lot of people rolled their eyes, slapped their head, groaned, etc.

What I’d like to see in the future? A little more maturity. I mean, if this is a “love of your life” type deal, GROW UP! Both parties! Relationships are based on communication and trust. I’m serious. More Steven. I’m okay with Francesca also, but I like Steven! Less running across time. More answers…like, what the heck, IS Luce human or no? What would have happened if the rebels had taken her? Stop beating around the bush, this isn’t LOST.

One last thing..and this may become a bit of a review tradition, IF I can find a good song each time. But I was listening to my IPod and this song came on, it seemed perfect for Daniel and Luce’s relationship. Maroon 5’s “How.” It’s on their new Hands all Over CD (highly recommended btw!)

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