Maybe This Time – Jennifer Crusie

Maybe This TimeMaybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A book about Andie, a lady in her thirties who is just getting ready to move on with her life, and North – an ultra-busy, work-minded man. Andie and North are madly in love with each other (which is evident even from the very beginning) even though they’ve married, divorced, and supposedly moved on with their life. Andie meets with North for the first time in ten years with a gesture of closure that turns out to be a moment of new beginnings. This meeting spirals Andie’s life into a new direction when he asks her to go and help to get the lives of his “wards” (Alice and Carter) back to some kind of normal. What Andie finds in Southern Ohio is much more than just two grief stricken, problem children.

I have enjoyed Jennifer Crusie’s fun characters and witty dialogue in the past, and I was not disappointed with Maybe This Time either. I was laughing out loud quite a bit, between some of Alice’s kid moments, and Andie’s sarcasm – it’s hard not to. This was a fun book with moments of seriousness, though not many. The story line is great and will keep you sucked in. A time or two I thought there were some inconsistencies with the story, but the relationship between North and Andie, the funny interludes, and well…just the whole thing held my attention the entire time.

Highly suggested!

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