Impossible by Nancy Werlin

ImpossibleImpossible by Nancy Werlin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What is actually funny about this book is, I knew that this was about a family curse, but I wasn’t expecting the Fae. The reason this is funny is because I picked out the book to read a mostly normal – no fantasy book, it’s also funny because I (obviously) read a lot of sci-fi/Fantasy – so in reality it’s right of my alley.

Impossible was good for me, but not great. I really enjoyed the characters, and the bones of the story, but I really felt like there could have been so much more. More character interaction, more details about the story, more information about Lucy’s mother. A little less rushed romance with Zach. A little less “and three months later….” which happened pretty frequently, much to my dismay.

I know that I JUST said that the romance between Lucy could have been a little less rushed, but there is a part of me that loves the blindness of it. It’s definitely impractical, and not recommended for the most part (of course I was 21, and my husband was 19 when we married…so saying that is a bit hypocritical), but Zach really was a true friend to Lucy, and I loved him for it.

I can say that, not only have I been walking around for the last 3 days singing Scarborough Fair, but I also went ahead and added it to my iPod.

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