Dreamland by Sarah Dessen

Dreamland Dreamland by Sarah Dessen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dreamland was kind of a tough one for me this time around. I love Sarah Dessen. She’s defiantly good at what she does. I just had a really hard time with the main character, Caitlin. Caitlin is the victim of abuse. The thing I had a hard time with is her contrasting characteristics. On one hand, she actually was a strong person, someone who never would have tolerated anything that she actually put up with. On the other hand, she was working so hard at being someone other than who she was, it was almost as if she trapped herself in the situation. Drug abuse didn’t help matters. I have no personal experience with drugs, but I’ve known enough abusers to know that they do have a bit of a numbing effect about them, and I could see this coming out in Caitlin’s character – she was allowing the drugs to help her fade out of herself, out of existence, so she no longer had control over who she used to be nor who she was becoming.

Why I had such a problem with Caitlin? She KNEW the abuse was wrong. She KNEW that the relationship could not get better, nor would it. She knew she was falling – but she could not find the drive to do anything about it. I found that very frustrating.

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