The Search – Nora Roberts

The SearchThe Search by Nora Roberts

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It is pretty safe to say I’m a big fan of Nora Roberts. It’s kind of funny though, because her books follow the same basic pattern, but I always love the characters she writes, and their trades.

In The Search Fiona is a Dog Trainer, ultimately for search and rescue dogs. I really enjoyed the aspect of this the book and the way Nora Roberts goes into detail on how Fiona trains the dogs and what a big part of her life they are. Fiona is fun an witty. I just recently finished Angel Falls and I’m very happy that Fiona was a stronger person than Reece. Reece was okay, but I got tired of her pretty quickly. I LOVED Simon, almost as much as I love Luke Callahan from Honest Illusions. He was so perfectly calm and sarcastic about everything. He has his moments of passion, and when he does, whether it be because of love or anger, he was always wonderful. I laughed at him out loud while at work more than once.

What I WAS expecting, and what didn’t happen was an ending sort of similar to The Black Hills which I guess would have been sort of repetitive and predictable (especially since I was predicting it), but I loved the ending of that book that I guess I was rooting for it.

I listed to this via audio book, and must give props to the narrator, Tanya Eby. She was fantastic! The moment Simon said, “I love you,” had my heart dropping out, which is kind of funny since it was right in the middle of a fight. I love good audio readers, and I guess Tanya would end up on my “like” list.

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One thought on “The Search – Nora Roberts

  1. This is my first book i ever read by this author.I cannot believe i was missing out on her,i loved this book. It made me laugh a bunch of times and the ending was kinda sad because i wanted something more wow… but it was amazing overall. Havent been this excited for a book in a long time 🙂

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