Vampireville – Ellen Schreiber

Vampireville by Ellen Schreiber
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Form: Paperback Book
Series: Vampire Kisses

For goth-girl Raven, dating her dream boyfriend is complicated, especially because Alexander’s secret means that they can see each other only at night.
And now the pair must be extra wary in the dark with Alexander’s archrival, Jagger, appearing around town. As if Jagger isn’t enough cause for worry, Luna, his strikingly pale sister, has also surfaced and seems to have her sights set on Raven’s longtime nemesis, Trevor. Together, Raven and Alexander must begin a terrifying search for Jagger and Luna’s hideout to drive them away — that is, if it’s not already too late to save Dullsville from becoming Vampireville.
In the latest installment of her popular Vampire Kisses books, Ellen Schreiber continues the startling story of two teen outsiders — she from the mortal world and he from the Underworld — who share a thrilling, extraordinary romance.

One Word Summary: Improvement
Vampireville was quite a bit better than the previous book of this series, Coffin Club. I also need to be careful, while I’m used to reading young adult books geared towards the 16-18 range, I’m pretty sure this series is more for the 12-14 year old crowd, which has probably been my problem all along.
I felt the story line was less jagged in this book, although Raven never did learn her lesson about listening, and got herself into trouble on more than one occasion, she did seem a little bit more mature this time around. I did like that she and Luna struck up a bit of a friendship, and would have liked to see that progress into something more – sort of like turn your enemies good and show them the light instead of driving them out of town.

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