How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls – Zoey Dean

How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls by Zoey Dean
Genre: Adult Fiction
Form: Paperback

Yale graduate Megan Smith has big plans for a career in journalism and even bigger debt: $75,000 in college loans. She grabs a job at a trashy tabloid, gets fired (small wonder: nothing can make her care which celebrity just got a nose-job), and then gets an offer she just can’t refuse.

Seventeen-year-old identical twins Rose and Sage Baker are Palm Beach heiresses best known for their massive fortunes and penchant for flashing the paparazzi. Their grandmother offers to pay off Megan’s loans if she can tutor the girls and get them into Duke. But the twins aren’t about to bend their celebutante schedules to learn algebra. Megan quickly discovers that she has to know her Pucci from her Prada to reach these students. If she can look the part, maybe – just maybe – she can teach them something. What Megan could never imagine is what the whole experience is about to teach her…

Source: back of book
This was meant to be a quick and easy, mindless entertaining book for me. And it was. The story line was predictable, yet good. Megan, of course is smart, plain and unfortunately – utterly failing at her job, life, etc. The Baker Twins are compared to the likes of Paris and Nicole, and are thought to be unintelligent, shallow, and easy. As you can guess…Megan is getting ready to morph into someone she’s not, and she’s going to find out that all her preconceived notions on the Baker twins were not exactly correct.

The book was good – good enough if you’re just looking for something to read just for the heck of it. If you like Chic-lit…here. The characters were well played, and likable. I think of everyone, my favorite character was Will, who is sort of important, but not really in the book nearly enough.


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