Three To Get Deadly – Janet Evanovich

Three to get Deadly
by Janet Evanovich
Genre: Adult Fiction
Form: Audio Book
Series: Stephanie Plum

Stephanie Plum’s latest adventure includes the local candy man “nice guy” that everyone likes. She is dreading this pick-up more than any she had done previously because – well, no one wants to give her any information on someone who is such a “good guy.” But the more Stephanie digs into this case, the worse it gets – along the way she happens upon 8 dead bodies, and it seems that some church-going gangster wanna-be’s are out to get her just for doing her job.
I know I keep saying it, but I love these books. I love Janet Evanovich’s humor and ability to tell a good story. Stephanie is, as always, quite funny in a matter of fact sort of way. This time she joins up with ex-prostitute, Lulu and of course gets a lot of help from her bounty hunter pal, Ranger, and her sexy cop Joe Morelli. Grandma Mazer takes a bit of a break in this book – but Lulu still provides enough laughs to take her place. Stephanie is doing a great job botching everything up from her car, to her case. She even botches up her hair when she decides to get red highlights to earn back the attention she’s been missing from Joe.
That brings me to the other thing I love about these books; Stephanie and Joe Morelli’s crazy relationship. It’s like they are in love and in hate at the same time. Each finds the other sexy, but cannot help but badger each other and do whatever possible to drive the other up the wall. It makes for great fun and loads of sexual tension. Keeps us reading, that’s for sure!


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