Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
by J.K. Rowling
Genre: Youth Fantasy
Form: Audiobook
Series: Harry Potter

The fifth book in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series follows the darkest year yet for our young wizard, who finds himself knocked down a peg or three after the events of last year. Somehow, over the summer, gossip (usually traced back to the magic world’s newspaper, the Daily Prophet) has turned Harry’s tragic and heroic encounter with Voldemort at the Triwizard Tournament into an excuse to ridicule and discount the teen. Even Professor Dumbledore, headmaster of the school, has come under scrutiny by the Ministry of Magic, which refuses to officially acknowledge the terrifying truth that Voldemort is back. Enter a particularly loathsome new character: the toadlike and simpering (“hem, hem“) Dolores Umbridge, senior undersecretary to the Minister of Magic, who takes over the vacant position of Defense Against Dark Arts teacher–and in no time manages to become the High Inquisitor of Hogwarts, as well. Life isn’t getting any easier for Harry Potter. With an overwhelming course load as the fifth years prepare for their Ordinary Wizarding Levels examinations (O.W.Ls), devastating changes in the Gryffindor Quidditch team lineup, vivid dreams about long hallways and closed doors, and increasing pain in his lightning-shaped scar, Harry’s resilience is sorely tested.

Source: Amazon.com

I am so glad I listened to my friend and got this book on audio. This was WAAAAY better than the first two Harry Potters. There was quite a bit in the book that wasn’t in the movie – not necessarily in a bad way, but it did make for a more interesting read. This book is definitely darker than the others. Poor Harry is almost to the brink of being tortured when he’s at a school, his friends are with him – but not always seeing things the way he does, Dumbledore is not talking to him. Everything just seems lonely, segregated and all wrong for Harry.

I loved the introduction of Luna in this book, if nothing else, she did make Harry realize that it’s okay to be different, and really just showed him a new point of view on many fronts. The Weasley Twins were much funnier in this book than they were in the movie. I loved their part in getting back at Professor Umbridge.

I cannot wait for The Half-Blood Prince to be available at my library. I’ll be there as soon as I possibly can! I’m also more excited for the movie in July than I was before.


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