Ace of Hearts – Barbara Metzger

Ace of Hearts
by Barbara Metzger
Genre: Adult Romance
Form: AudioBook

Ace Endicott, the Earl of Carde, needs a woman who will give him an heir, but he never expects to be engaged to three different women or to become the laughingstock of the gossip columnists. Escaping this London nightmare, he joins his brother Jack in an attempt to find a long-lost sister in the country. Their search takes a strange turn and leads them to a delicate beauty named Nell. As he is dealt a new hand, Ace understands that he may have a chance at real love – if he plays his cards right.

Source: Back of Audio Book
Ace of Hearts was not exactly what I was expecting. I thought that there would be more card playing type stuff in the book, but outside of a few games played with friends and some references, it wasn’t really a part of the book at all. But that’s okay. The book was good regardless.

A sweet romance novel that was a little bit atypical from what I normally get. Well, the fact that there are no make-believe characters in it makes it very atypical from my norm, but other than that – the story itself took a slightly different path. The characters were not really the “beautiful people” all high and glamorous that they usually seem to be. In fact, to most people both were plain, ordinary and in some cases, not attractive at all. But to each other, Ace was the must handsome man she ever laid eyes on; and Nell was the most beautiful women there was. I liked that, because it does have some reality to it. When you fall in love, it’s hard to see anyone but that one person.

This book actually very loosely had a Pride and Prejudice feel about it to me. Ace sort of wavered back in forth in Nell’s mind as either a good man or someone who couldn’t be trusted. In my opinion, near the end of the book, she sort of took it too far. Ace was pouring his heart out to her, and she was still hesitant to accept what he was saying. I wanted to scream at her. Outside of that, there were funny antidotes and hot and steamy moments of attraction between our main characters that made this book worth the time.


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