Movie Monday – Wolverine

Trying something new again. Now, I don’t watch new movie every week, so this defiantly cannot be a every week thing – but there really are a lot of movies I’m going to see this year. So here we go:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I LOVE almost all the Marvel movies! I’m a big fan of the super heroes. I was very excited to see Wolverine because, well, Wolverine is awesome. Huge Jackman is and always has been perfect for the part! I enjoyed watching the beginning of how Wolverine came to be, but I was oddly surprised that it was mostly just that – the story of his beginning. I don’t know why I didn’t get that from the title. I was still just hoping to see some real X-Men fighting together stuff. I didn’t get enough in the previous movies.

Another major bonus of the movie – GAMBIT!!! He is my absolute favorite X-Men ever! I was so happy he was finally in a movie. I really hope they continue to use his character. Taylor Kitsch did a great job, i only wish he got more screen time. Here’s hoping he had enough appeal for next time!


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