Fire Me – Libby Malin

Genre: Fiction
Form: Book
Fed up with impossible deadlines and meaningless busywork, Anne Wyatt goes to work one day determined to resign. But that’s the day her boss announces someone’s getting laid off (and a generous severance package.) Now Anne has one day to ruin her career and convince her boss that someone should be her.

Anne’s hysterical tactics are unwittingly undermined by Ken, the handsome graphic designer in the next cubicle, who has is own ideas for liberation from the corporate grind. In the end, Anne and Ken have to decide together what is important in life, and what they can discard without a second glance…
…source: back of book…

Fire me was a fun read! It had lots of humorous, unbelievable events smashed between serious life reflection and small sparks of romance. I giggled out loud at some of the antics that both Anne and co-worker, Shelia, pulled off. Under any circumstances outside of the fictional world, what these ladies did to get themselves fired would have ruined a company, smeared their names for a long time AND sent them out on their butts early that morning with out the added benefit of the offered severance package. Still yet, it was a cube-dweller’s dream come true. Imagine doing anything and everything you ever wanted in the office. Imagine saying exactly what you meant, wrote an e-mail expressing how you really felt– without all the business-ese added in. Perhaps they should publish this book with a disclaimer; Warning: Do not try this at home work.

But what was the book really about? I believe Fire Me was more about self discovery than it was about getting an awesome deal while getting laid off. There was the underlying issue of what really makes you happy; financial stability or doing what you love. It’s a book about new beginnings, whether the events that lead to that new beginning were fortunate or unfortunate – it’s never too late to start over. I would love to go into more detail about what I mean, but seeing as how this book is still unpublished – I’d hate to be the one who spoils it for you. I will say this – I honestly believe that this book would make a great movie. While it was funny to read, I bet it would be even funnier to watch it unfold on the big screen.

Fire Me hits bookstores in May, check it out!

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