Love @ First Site – Jane Moore

Love @ First Site by Jane Moore
Genre: Chick-Lit
Form: Audio Book

Jessica just turned 34 years old, and as her birthday present her friends all pitched in together and bought her an internet-dating service subscription. Jess finds herself going on a series of blind-ish dates to satisfy her friends. Finding herself in all sorts of situations including picking up the bill for two strange men, and being blatantly turned down before the date begins, Jess is just about to give up. All this sandwiched between her thankless job and her sister’s illness, Jess is dealing with one of the more difficult years of her life, it’s a good thing that happenstance puts Ben in her life, a friend of a friend – Ben is a good listener and shoulder to lean on when times get hard…but us there more?

I must be honest. This book was just okay. Very predictable, and not very well developed. The writing seemed almost half-hearted, and I feel bad saying that because I know Jane probably spent lots of time writing this book. I always try and be respectful of authors and keep in mind that these books are their artwork, their creation.

The characters were there. They interacted, events happened…but it just didn’t grab my attention. They were forgettable. If this wasn’t an audio book I was listening to at work, I probably would have put the book down and went to do something else.

I’m sorry Jane Moore, if you are reading this, but it’s how I feel. I’m sure someone out there likes this book, but I’m just not one of them.


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