The Nymph King – Gena Showalter

The Nymph King by Gena Showalter
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Form: Book
Series: Atlantis

Females young and old beautiful and plain crave Valerian’s touch. None can resist his blatant sensuality and potent allure…until he steals Shaye Holing from a Florida beach and holds her prisoner in his underwater kingdom.

The cynical Shaye wants nothing to do with the mighty warlord, but she’s inexplicably drawn to him. For underneath the warrior’s arrogant beauty lies a complex and powerful man. A man whose caress is like fire…

Now Valerian must fight for the privilege of claiming her as his own. Because there’s one thing Shaye doesn’t know…

That when a nymph discovers his true mate, she’s his for life.

…source: back of book….
The Nymph King is exactly what you would think it is. It’s almost too much sex and not enough other stuff in my opinion. While I did enjoy the book, I found Valerian overly arrogant and self righteous. He didn’t spend enough time wooing Shaye, and just expected her to fall to her knees for him. In the end, that is pretty much what she did. She didn’t have much to base her submission to him, except his insistence that she would eventually give in to him. While Valerian decided one night to “get to know her,” they never really did end up talking much. A little tid-bit here and there.

What I did like about the book was that there was a story part and partial to the mating of Valerian and Shaye that I felt was more meaningful. I did enjoy Shaye and Valerian’s “I hate you” conversations near the end as well. And the orange, such a sweetheart Valerian proved himself to be. He truly did want to give Shaye everything she wanted – he’s just not good at the chatting I guess. Oh, and the finale – the show down between Nymphs and Dragons, I felt, had a very satisfying result.

One question I ask Gena, why didn’t you have Shaye wear the dress she longed for that was hanging in Valerian’s closet? I *thought* that was foreshadowing, and figured Shaye would take some pride in getting to finally wear the dress she really did want. 🙂


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