Twilight – the movie

I went last night and went to MY most anticipated movie ever. I have never sat and waited on a movie like I have waited on Twilight. I was literally nervous and anxious as we were sitting in the theater waiting on it to start.

So how was it? I’m still figuring that out in my head. On one hand, I can’t get it out of my head. I keep replaying scenes over and over again trying to hold on to every minute that I can. On the other hand I wish it was better. I honestly didn’t like how hard Rob Pattinson played Edward. I understand his reasoning; vampire tortured by love and by blood lust all in the one lovely person known as Bella Swan. Kristen Stewart did great. She was a little overly serious too – but it worked. They were SPOT ON on the kissing scenes, that could not have been done any better. The special effects – well they had us laughing at some points, but with a bottom of the barrel budget, that was pretty much what I expected.

My husband, who has not read the books and is unable to hyper analyze every little detail of the film like I was, has asked me a million questions since we got out of the movie. So by that, I think it’s safe to say it really was a good movie. I’m over analyzing everything. Some scenes I wish could have been there that weren’t: The scene where Jessica is asking Bella a million questions about Edward after their “date” in Port Angeles. And of course, Edward listening in. That would have really played up Jessica’s character a little more, and it would have set the bedroom kissing scene up a little better too, because there would be a little tension of Edward knowing Bella really wants that physical contact but understands how her situation is not that of a normal “teenage love” situation. I would have liked to of seen some of the stuff from Midnight Sun thrown in, more specifically the scene where Alice clues Edward into the fact that he is falling in love with Bella – because he is utterly clueless.

I want there to be more. I told Justin, I want MORE. I want to see the rest of it, even though I’m pretty sure they may stop short at Breaking Dawn – but I’m not finished. I would like to see more of Alice, and I want to see Jasper’s character come out of his shell. My husband wants to see the werewolves, and was pretty disappointed when Jacob didn’t phase. I was hoping they would do one phasing scene – the dream that Bella has after the beach trip to La Push, but Jacob didn’t elaborate on the Quinton tribes tradition enough in the movie for that dream to of made any since.

I think what I want the most is for Rob’s acting skills to sharpen up a bit. This really IS his first major movie production, and I hate that I say that, because of the last few months of following the Twilight media, and having watched dozens of Rob Pattinson interviews, I have come to like Rob as a person. From his interviews, he seems like a really down to earth, really awkward person. He’s not really into this fame, but taking it as it comes, and in every interview you can tell how seriously …just awkward he is. But the answers he has to the questions are pretty funny, and he says some of the weirdest stuff that you know he’s telling the truth. I don’t think he likes being considered an “actor” in Hollywood terms, like flaunting his popularity with expensive toys (he drives a used beat up, sounds like it’s not working properly, car). He’d rather just be a normal guy who can go and play some music at an open mic night without being mobbed – unfortunately now that is just simply impossible with all the 13 year old fanatics running around screaming at him. All he has to do is run his hands through his hair and half the girls would probably faint at the sight of it. It’s all pretty funny actually.


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